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A United Front

How Aaron and Shelly's Partnership Blends Business Success with Adventure, Exploration and Playfulness, Inspiring Everyone Around Them

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If you ever need evidence that true partnerships exist, look no further:  Meet Shelly and Aaron Poling, undeniably destined to be together.  Not only do they share a life, but they also run a successful garage door installation, service, and repair business side by side. Their union is marked by continuous laughter and camaraderie; making it clear that they are not just spouses, but as Shelly is quick to suggest, best friends as well.   Avid outdoors people, they are the epitome of the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. 

True life partners, they have also proven to be a savvy business union, building their business from the ground up, putting in hours of dedication.  For Aaron, this was not something new.  Growing up in a meager and often tumultuous environment, he quickly learned to be self-reliant.  An entrepreneur from the young age of 13,  starting a landscape business. 

By age 15 he and a friend took over a small pet store and made it their own.  It was there that a blond 16-year-old walked in to buy some fish and caught his eye.  Aaron describes “hitting the jackpot” when he met Shelly because she was adventurous, loved to fish and snowmobile, was up for trying new things, and the perfect ‘yin’ to his ‘yang’.  From that first meeting, a beautiful friendship quickly blossomed into a heartfelt romance leading to a marriage when they were just 18 and 19 years old.

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Thirty-six years later, their mutual trust and admiration is as strong as ever and has expanded to include a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.  Today, the love and respect they have for each other is readily apparent from the moment you meet them. 

After that fateful pet shop closed, Aaron worked for his dad, but the long hours with little fulfillment caught up with him.  So in 1993, with another partner, Aaron and Shelly took the leap into entrepreneurship once again.  They began by renting a small building in Elgin which they outgrew by 1998, and moved the operation to Huntley where they rented a larger space.  By 2005, the business was solely theirs, they owned a building and property rather than renting, and their sights were set on continued growth while staying true to their standards, commitment, and connection to their employees, clients and contractors.  

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To this engaging couple, relationships are the foundation of their business and personal lives.  Even the business name has a deeper meaning.  While at first pass you may assume A.S.A.P. reflects their goals of providing timely and thorough services as soon as possible, it actually is more personal.  See, Aaron and Shelly’s son is named Aaron, and their last name is Poling.  Together, they are A.S.A.P. Garage Door Repair, Inc.   But this family business extends beyond the Polings.  Their warm and inviting nature has created a bonded work environment where employees are treated like family and in return have been with the company for years, if not decades.  

The story of their business is inspiring, but it is their relationship that really stands out.  You know the type of people who, upon meeting them for the first time, you feel that you have known for years?  This is who the Polings are.  Their relaxed nature and ease between each other makes you feel instantly welcomed and comfortable. And when they start sharing stories, finishing each other’s sentences and giggling like they share an inside joke, their joy is so infectious that you can’t help but want to be part of it. 

For Aaron and Shelly, life is an adventure, meant to be shared together and with others.  They approach their business earnestly and with dedication,  always remembering their roots, but they don’t take life as seriously.  They enjoy hours of fishing or snowmobiling while also savoring the simpler moments.  Aaron is an avid hunter, Shelly is a nature-lover who accepts her husband’s passion.  Shelly is the dare devil of the two.   Aaron, on the other hand, holds his breath every time she exclaims, “That was fun!! Can I do it again?”  Their differences complement their similarities, something they attribute to the longevity of their relationship.

Today, they spend time at their homes away from home - one on the beach in Clearwater, Florida, the other on a lake (ironically called Clear Water Lake) near Three Lakes, Wisconsin.  

They make time for each other and to explore new ideas, opportunities and experiences.  Their journey together is a testament to their unwavering dedication and mutual support.  A relationship, marked by adventure, playfulness, and deep affection, serves as an inspiration to others.  Aaron and Shelly’s story reminds us that true success is not just about professional achievements but also about cherishing and nurturing the bonds with those we love.