This is an uncertain time for all of us. Our human connection enables us to stick together, makes sense of our new world as we re-build and grow back. At the core of this global time-out love is the one truly universal reset button we have. Witness the acts of kindness and generosity on every street, every balcony and within our medical community.

We have the choice to manage our mindset, emotions and choices. Even in incredibly stressful times, we can control our attitude, no matter how out of control it feels.

Sandy Tomey, Love and Relationship Coach offers this wisdom, “The wonderful paradox of our time is that the old ways of being-where we were separate are crumbling. We have the opportunity to unify, connect and emerge together on the other side. Though we might technically be physically distanced, this shared experience has us feeling more connected and cheering for one another. We are moving back into our homes, our family and our roots. We have the opportunity to take care of the important things in life and let the rest go.”

-We respond to stress in different ways. Strategies from Sandy to stay strong -amidst the changes:

-With all this physical closeness in families and relationships, make sure that you are honest about your feelings. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Then choose how to share using good old communication skills. This includes “I” statements and open ended requests, “Tell me what you are feeling,” and “Let’s work on a solution that works for both/all of us.”

-Listen, really listen! Provide a space for your family members to express their feelings as well, without trying to fix anything.  Listen and say, “It makes complete sense that you would be feeling this way.”

-Choose love for yourself.  We’ve been given the gift of an entire block of time for self-care. Discuss your plan with your family or partner to learn a new skill or clean out the closets. Encourage everyone to take time for themselves and allow the space to happen.

-Be generous and kind. Hold a family meeting and ask how you can help others while keeping a safe distance. Being generous brings us together.

-Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! Get into action. Make a plan and celebrate. Cheer the sunshine, go on a hike, and try a new recipe. Wave to neighbors. Picnic in the park.

This is a reset, a do-over.  It’s up to each of us to look deep inside and find the love. Choose love over fear. Love is always the answer.

Sandy Tomey can be reached at: sandytomey.com and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLoveLuminary/

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