Love Never Goes Out of Style

Richele Batt. owner of the Coaching Closet, offers her clients relationship and healthy lifestyle coaching.

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Who: Richele Batt

Title: Certified Relationship Coach & Certified Health Coach

Where: coachingcloset.com 

Advice: If you want to have healthy relationships then you must be self-reflective, you have to understand that life doesn’t just happen to you, it happens through you.

Richele Batt, owner of Coaching Closet, is a certified health and relationship coach based in Houston. She offers clients a full spectrum of healthy living advice and also has a podcast called the Coaching Closet that features episodes on relationships, dating, fashion, health and travel. She helps individuals through some of the most critical moments of their lives, including finding love, ending relationships, and changing clients’ mindsets to help them lead healthier lives.

Batt's coaching is based on Katherine Woodward Thomas' book, Calling in "The One": 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. She passionately believes in the program because she was a student herself. After completing the course and making shifts in personal patterns and behavior, she found love in three short months. This inspired Batt to become a certified life coach and help clients through the same journey.

"My ideal client is someone that is looking to grow personally, be self-reflective, and is willing to change a few things. They want a relationship but are tired of the way things have been going," says Batt. "I give my clients new skills and capacities to move forward and then create the life that they want."

Batt helps people find love, but she also helps clients who have recently ended a relationship or are thinking about it. She coaches clients to have their lightbulb moments, so they know what they want to do. "It is really about self-reflection and finding out what they have done to perpetuate the situation, so they don't repeat the same mistakes over again. My goal is to give my clients new skills and capacities to move forward, have healthy relationships, and create the life they want.”

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