Love the Unexpected

A local dentist traveled from India to the United States to find her purpose and passion

From eluding an arranged marriage to traveling across the globe on a self-exploration trip, nothing about Deepa Williams’ life has been conventional. Then came a fateful spring break trip to New Orleans, a flight delay and a stranger-turned-matchmaker.  The rest, as they say, is history.

An arranged marriage?

In India arranged marriages are commonplace.  Loving parents, such as Deepa’s, set their sights on finding a spouse for their child.  But for someone like Deepa, independent, resilient and determined, parents (or anyone else for that matter) selecting her life partner was not something she would settle for.  Telling that to her parents was what she struggled with and avoided as best she could.  After graduating dental residency in 2014 she knew it was time to figure out the next steps in her life which did not include marrying a man her parents chose for her.  Try as they may, she was able to dodge and divert and find excuses for why each of the suitors wasn’t actually suitable for her.

How did things change?

After living in Goa and experiencing diverse cultural backgrounds, Deepa developed a strong desire to travel out of her home country.  She was called to the US to explore…and maybe take a hiatus from dating (and eschewing) the men her father was bringing to her doorstep.  It took some delicate conversations with her parents but they soon agreed and helped find her accommodations in New York City.  So began a 20-day solo adventure of learning the language nuances, cultural differences and navigating the transportation system.  Standing in the middle of Times Square, a dream come true, Deepa knew relocation was in her future.  So, after some time working at a dental practice back in Goa, she packed her bags, moved to the States, and several years later,  earned her dental degree from UCLA. It was her openness to new experiences that guided her on her journey to find purpose in a whole new world.  Next came love.

Love at first…flight?

A trip to New Orleans proved to be more than just a summer break.  It was fate helped out by a flight delay, a shared meal with a handsome stranger on a Dungeons and Dragons excursion, and a woman who noticed the sparks and encouraged the pair to exchange numbers before heading their separate ways.  He was Spencer, a Texan living in California, just a couple hours from Deepa.  And neither could stop thinking about the other.  Soon, the two embarked on a love affair that turned into a marriage in 2021 (blessed by her father who finally gave up on the arranged marriage idea) with THREE wedding celebrations - San Diego, Austin, and Delhi, India.  

From India to McHenry County?

Career opportunities brought the couple to Illinois and after several moves, landed them in Crystal Lake.  Deepa purchased her growing dental practice in McHenry in November 2022.  The couple from vastly different cultures found each other in an unexpected place with a little help from a stranger and continue to support one another along their journey.  Love happens when you least expect it.  

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