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Lovely Lavender

Coffee Crafted with Love at Second and Bridge

Article by Kim Stroud

Photography by Kim Stroud

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

When you live in a town like Franklin, you start to get used to the wide array of food and drink options available on any given day. To stay ahead of the game, restaurants are getting creative with their menus in order to attract patrons. So no one should be surprised to walk into The Coffee House at Second and Bridge only to find that they have lavender coffee on the menu!

Lavender isn't new to the culinary scene by any means. Its flavor is smoky, mildly sweet and floral, the perfect contrast to the bitterness of coffee. And aside from its stunning flowers and exquisite scent, it is frequently used for medicinal purposes such as soothing headaches and nausea and as a relaxant and sleep aid. There isn't much this small purple flower can't do, which makes it the perfect permanent addition to any menu.

The Coffee House at Second and Bridge's Honey Lavender Coffee

2 ounces espresso
1/2 pump Routin 1883 lavender syrup (can be ordered online)
5 ounces local honey
Steamed milk

Fill a 12-ounce coffee mug with the espresso, lavender syrup and honey. Top with steamed milk.