Bubble Bath Goals

Luxe bathroom trends for 2022 from two fab designers

Article by BuckHaven City Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Erica George Dines, Jeff Herr

Originally published in BuckHaven City Lifestyle

1. Plenty of built-in storage

No one likes a cluttered countertop. To keep things neat and tidy, but still have all of your daily supplies at arms-reach, plan for built-in storage. Use inserts for drawers and cabinets. Locating hidden electrical outlets inside of drawers allows you to charge devices like toothbrushes completely out of sight, you can even install a holster for your blow dryer and leave it plugged in.

2. Freestanding bathtubs

Enjoy a luxurious soak in style! With so many beautiful free-standing bathtubs available today, why not make one the focal point of your bathroom? Ranging from the most traditional to sleek and modern, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes to fit every environment. Loud jet tubs that are difficult to keep clean are a thing of the past, so keep it simple with a beautiful soaking tub. 

3. Location, Location, Location

People want their bathrooms to be filled with natural light. When building from scratch or renovating, there is a much stronger desire now than ever before to place primary bathrooms in eastern exposures to get the best morning light. This is healthy for you because that blue spectrum of light tells your brain to wake up and sets your daily rhythm. 

4. Sustainability

Today, there are more luxurious, sustainable materials available not only for the bath, but also for the whole home. Clients are getting excited about having beautiful options that are healthy for them and for the environment.

Intuitive Dwellings by Enwright Design IntuitiveDwellings.com

Mark Williams Design MarkWilliams-Design.com

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