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2020 was an interesting year, to say the least. It was especially perplexing to hyper-local shoppers, who were used to being loyal to shopping only local and independently owned establishments.  Just like eating healthy and getting enough water, their only desire was to support the livelihoods of their family, friends and neighbors.

My parents own their own businesses and the "support local" mentality was instilled in me from the time I was still wearing my shoes on the wrong feet. As a high school senior with extra time on my hands during the pandemic, I had the desire to figure out other ways I could shop from home while still supporting locally owned businesses. In my quest to find unique gifts that didn’t come from Amazon, Target and other major retailers, I came across Etsy. This website is full of small businesses just trying to make a living while selling some of the cutest, most unique stuff imaginable. Etsy sellers, for the most part, make all of their products themselves. They run their shops completely solo, and for some of these people, it is their only source of income. By shopping on Etsy, you are supporting these small businesses and helping these people make a living, while also getting some really cool, unique merchandise. 

Under normal circumstances, a teenage boy probably wouldn't have discovered this online platform and be the person to give you advice on where to shop for memorable Valentine's Day gifts, but I was either super bored or it was just meant to be. I decided to take it a step deeper. This online platform represents artists and makers worldwide. It was like being Alice in Wonderland and diving headfirst down the rabbit hole. The shopping was endless.  But I heard my mother’s voice saying, "That’s awesome, but find local Colorado Artists and Makers to highlight for the readership. Remember, support local first."

Since it is February and Valentine's Day, I did just that. I found 10 local online Etsy shops to purchase gifts for your loved ones. Truly, Etsy Local is just another way shoppers can find and support creative entrepreneurs in their local communities. Who knows, your favorite find might be your next-door neighbor's shop that you found on this site. While supporting locally-owned businesses is more important than ever, consider supporting global neighbors too. We are all in this together for a better tomorrow.

Product 1: Goethite, Smoke Quartz 56828.0 ct

Abiijouxparis shop is selling a beautiful Smoked Quartz mined from Lakeview Load Claim, Park City Colorado for $1,470.00

Product 2: Colorado Soap Sampler Box 

Hummingbird Soap Company located in Castle Rock CO created this beautiful box of soaps for a relaxing spa day for yourself or to give as a romantic gift.  $31.00

Product 3:  Downloadable Print of THE ROCK

Shaggy Pony Prints has the last-minute gift-giver covered. For a budget-friendly gift that shows you are still sentimental, grab this beautiful print from Stacia Mann in Parker Colorado for just $4.00

Product 4: Molton Silver and Turquoise Necklace 

Give a one of a kind (and considered a rare find!) gift from the heart, created right here in Castle Rock CO. This beautiful necklace is from Walks with Two STICKS.  $45.00

Product 4: Oreo Cookie Mugs 

Who doesn't want to have matching cups filled with milk to dip their Oreo Cookies in? Mid Century Modern Handmade Mug with a custom glaze. Castle Rock Pottery in Castle Rock CO made this mug in a modern, bell-shaped design with a unique glaze. Also perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate with the grandkids!  $37.50

Product 6 + 7  - Vintage Postcard from 1909

Nothing seems more romantic than a postcard given to a Miss Georgina Anderson from her suitor inviting her to the Basket Ball in Mancos Colorado delivered to her in Greeley Colorado, this is Old School Romance at its best. The Cabose Store also has a great selection of other romantic love letters and postcards. $ 7.79. 

Product 8 - Spinner Meditation Rings 

Storytelling Strands online story has created these beautiful rings by hand from hammered, heat-treated, and polished metal. Spinner rings, also known as meditation rings, are based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheel.. $80.00 each 

Product 9 - Pewter Candle Reflector 

This handmade product from  Moreau Aspen Craft in Yampa CO is sure to add a "spark" to any romantic evening at home. This holder has a  heavy wall, quality pewter; hand spun; highly polished; stamped logo "moreau aspencraft" on the underside. Walnut base. Highly reflective. High-quality beeswax candle included. $65.00

Product 10 - Heart of Colorado Tee

CandkThreads Shop created the coziest t-shirt. Express your love for Colorado with this custom-designed vintage state t-shirt. Our Heart in Colorado premium tee not only makes a statement, its soft cozy material will make it your new favorite staple t-shirt for hanging out! $19.99

 Product 11 - Freshwater Pearl Wrap

This beautiful handmade freshwater pearl wrap necklace from Fresh Le Grande Jewelry adds a touch of elegance to your everyday attire. Hand Crocheted on chocolate-colored cording. $24.00

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