Love's Detours and Dead Ends

Pitfalls to Avoid on the Journey to True Love

Article by Kari Tumminia

Photography by Patricia McCarrin and Karin Davidson

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

The path to true love isn’t always a walk in the park. Between the apps, advice from all your married friends, and the blind dates your mom keeps setting up, it can feel more like making your way through a funhouse mirror maze.

So, if you’re looking for your love story, here are a few of the most common pitfalls:

1.     Watch Out for Those Red Flags: It’s easy to get so caught up in the potential of a romance that we miss the warning signs. Whether it's not respecting your space or being hot and cold with texts, even little red flags can turn into big problems later.

2.     Stay True to You: Falling head over heels is great, but losing yourself in the process isn’t. Stick to your hobbies, make time for your friends, and keep pursuing your goals. A great relationship should encourage you to become an even better, truer version of yourself.

3.     Know What You Want: It’s easy to assume that we’ll “just know” when we meet the right person. But this isn’t a rom-com! Clarity about your values, dreams, and what you need from a relationship is like having a personal love map!

4.     No Rushing, Please: Don’t push those big relationship steps too fast. Focus on being present instead of rushing. Let things unfold naturally and enjoy every moment without the pressure.

5.     Speak Up About Your Needs: Communication is key! Being honest about what you need, your expectations, and setting clear boundaries makes for a healthier relationship. Honesty can feel vulnerable in the moment, but it’s the only way to build a real foundation for lasting love.

Finding true love is an adventure where you learn more about yourself and grow as a person. So, take your time, enjoy the ride, and keep your heart open.

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Author Kari Tumminia is a dating and relationship expert helping to create better love. Kari makes it possible to transform your love life - ultimately finding connections to create relationships that are worth falling for.

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