luxe living…with kids & pets


Imagine for a moment, a beautifully designed home with luxury furnishings, light colored rugs and upholstery, and the most divine wallpaper; an image literally plucked from your favorite home design magazine. Now add in toddlers or teenagers (take your pick), and a fun-loving dog (or two) and that daydream could quickly vanish.

Here’s the great news…you can have it all! Here are our tried-and-true tips on having a luxury high-end home that’s thoughtfully designed, durable, and child and pet-proof.

This award-winning mudroom was previously just a hallway with two closets. The homeowners had young children just beginning extra-curricular sports and after school activities. We built the seating to have ample storage beneath the lifted bench for basketballs, soccer balls, etc. The hinges are soft closing so as not to squish little hands and allow autonomy. We also designed the hook hanging space with two levels for easy self-hanging for the kids.

A live edge wood breakfast table also serves as a child-friendly flex space for afternoon snacks and homework. Adding a glass top to the wood surface makes for easy clean-up! The area rug is not only beautiful but durable too. Constructed with performance fibers, the rug will hold up against little foot traffic and muddy paws.

Designed as the main gathering place for a young, growing family, the custom matching extra deep sofas are the perfect spot for lounging, entertaining, and movie nights.

The sofas are backed with recycled leather that will hold up to toddlers with sticky fingers. The leather looks luxurious but also cleans like a charm. Add lots of overfilled throw pillows for extra coziness! Fabrics that are stain and soil resistant have come a long way, the selection and quality are now amazing.

The grass cloth wallpaper has a neuro-aesthetic advantage with a biophilic connection to nature. With its Zen-like quality, it can induce a serene and peaceful feeling environment.

A reclaimed wood round coffee table is easy-care, looks great from every angle, and without any sharp corners will protect little ones running about.

The wool rug instantly elevates the space with a timeless look and oh-so-soft feel underfoot. 100% wool is also naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and stain resistant. Shortly after the design was completed, the homeowner was very pleased to let us know a spaghetti sauce spill on the wool carpet came right out.

Everyone loves a soft throw, even your furry friends! Throws are the perfect cover up for any place your pets might like to lounge on. Most throws can be easily tossed into the wash and come out looking like new (and fur free!). Always check the label for washing instructions.

You can keep them in the closet and switch styles out as needed. They look and feel great, and your furniture will be protected from muddy paws and the oils in your pet’s fur which can stain furniture upholstery and fabrics.

When designing children’s rooms, I like to think about what serves them now but also in the future. Using investment quality pieces and furnishings elevate the space and are built to last. In this boy’s room, the leather chair makes a statement while being durable and easy-to-clean. Leather headboards and furniture can also be a good choice for children with allergies. Unlike upholstered furniture, dust, pet dander, and pollen can be easily wiped away.

Children tend to be more sensitive to color than we are as adults. Try involving them in the color selection process so they feel empowered in the space. They might even keep their room clean! The choice of color also affects mood. For example, blue enhances creativity and is connected to calmness and a sense of well-being.

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