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Luxury Custom Clothier

Fior Bespoke Tailors Happily Handcraft Garments

For a hearty dose of dopamine dressing, a talented, fun-loving Fior Bespoke team dedicates themselves to ensuring that both male and female clients always have something perfect and personal to wear.

"It's a joy to help others stand out in a room full of navy blazers," professes Charles Bass, co-owner and master clothier of Fior Bespoke. "We provide clients with the finest custom suits, shirts, trousers, sport coats, tuxedos, separates, shoes and accessories the world has to offer because everyone deserves to know that each time they open their closet door, they’ll be the best dressed wherever they go."

He subscribes to the mantra that well-fitting, dapper clothes help define who people are, and that creating such auras is a true art form.

"I enjoy what I do, especially when customers like the apparel we put together for them. I love seeing the looks on clients' faces when they glance in the mirror at that 'aha moment,' and say they're gonna' look like a million dollars," admits this clothing enthusiast. 

Charles' fashion pedigree includes a detailed eye for style and a passion for making people look outstanding and confident. He exercised his gift through his college years in Memphis, selling custom clothing. Many feel Charles's real talent is creating one's entire look. He can go into a closet and orchestrate a whole wardrobe from socks to hats. 

Charles’ incredible sense of color coordination is one skill that stands out to clients. "I'm still a big fan of color. There's excitement and joy in pushing the envelope of what colors go together," he adds.

He says starting with accessories can really change up one's looks. "Ties are becoming optional for office wear, with men opting for cool shirts with interesting cufflinks, great-looking shoes and jeans or chinos. Or sometimes, it's about boldly mixing stripes and patterns."

While casual dress codes and earthy tones in fabrics are expected to be sought for this fall, Charles says they were able to locate amazing new Tweeds from Scotland that are making smashing jackets. Fabrics used in their garments originate from all over the globe. He says the shoes and leather products come from Spain. The accessories are created mainly in New York. Examples of the quality-driven fabric manufacturers they use are:  Gladson New York, Holland & Sherry and Caccioppoli.

Don't know how to describe or pin down a new look? No worries, Charles and his team walk clients through a thorough process that includes what they're typical days are like and any hobbies that are important to them. "We discuss what brings them joy and then we incorporate it into the custom clothing, such as lining a new suit with fly-fishing fabric or making pocket squares from cigar fabric," he says. 

Trunk Show Set For Sept. 2

To introduce the 2021 Fior Bespoke fall/winter collection, the team is hosting a trunk show to feature their new options at Porsche of Nashville, 1580 Mallory Lane in Brentwood. The show will be from 5-7 p.m. 

Charles says they recently added a Florida sales member who is a professionally trained seamstress who's created clothing for red carpet events. Fior Bespoke founder and co-owner Aaron McGill also relocated recently to Naples, Florida, to head the company's new traveling tailor services that can accommodate appointments throughout his new home state.

"While it was tempting to want to go into our closet and weather the storm of the pandemic, instead we tried to expand why staying true to what we are. We added custom shoes and now are in a strong position. Offices are opening back up, people are returning to work, some are ready to flex their personal strength, and many want a camera-ready clothing look that's unique and fits their fresh style -- even if it's for Zoom meetings. It's a good time to change or update appearances," he adds. 

"People are excited about dressing up again!"

To that end, Charles says they are eager to partner with clients who are on journeys to discover what new fashionable look they will most like for custom clothing. "We build relationships with our clients and support their personal stand. A relationship with a clothiers should be extremely close. That's part of the experience of working with us at Fior Bespoke," he assures. 

He says it's about taking people's wardrobes to another level while really focusing on them until they find what really becomes them.

The Holidays Are Coming, So Are Retro Looks

Harkening to a bygone era, Charles says they already are being asked to make sublimely sharp holiday dinner jackets, such as with tartan plaids, shooting/hunting themes, or iconic Hollywoodish black lapeled. "People are looking back for inspiration for custom clothing and striking collared shirts. I've even been asked to create some velvet slippers," he says. 

"Ascots are coming back, for those with a flair for high fashion like the stylish leading men in classical cinema, although bowties tapered off except for black-tie events," Charles verifies. 

This custom clothing company works with on-site tailors, as well as London and New York-based tailors couturiers to complete the volume of handmade pieces ordered. 

Custom Fior Bespoke packages include:

  • Wedding Suit (two-piece tuxedo or dinner jacket and formal pants -- or choose a less formal suit design -- one custom dress or tuxedo shirt).
  • Business Suit (custom suit or sport coat and pants; one custom dress shirt). 
  • Suit For All Occasions (three custom suits or three custom sport coats and pants/jeans; six custom dress shirts).

They follow a four-step concise process for handmade garments, including 40-plus measurements of each client's body and posture: 

  1. Consultation (in-person or virtual);
  2. Patterning (handmade drawn by a master pattern-maker using clients' specifications and style requests);
  3. Toile Fitting (mock-up garment, using plain navy or black cloth, so clients feel and see what they like and don’t like about a new suit, sport coat or pants); 
  4. Final Fitting (adjustments made to pattern from notes at toile fitting and client feedback, plus any final changes).

Toile fittings are paramount to the success of a truly bespoke garment, and allow clothiers to take two-dimensional patterns and transform them into three-dimensions.

With basic measurements and a few photos, we can make your garment exactly how you like it. Without even being in the same room!

For a thoughtful and personalized present for the upcoming holidays, Fior Bespoke provides gift cards. 

"We do everything we can to make our clothes outstanding, and we want our clients' experiences with us to be outstanding, too. We’re proudly able to assist in making clothing for people with almost any disability. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll come to you," Charles promises. 

2506 8th Avenue South