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Doggie Dude Ranch and O'Cat Corral

Article by Richa Mitchell

Photography by Photos Provided by Doggie Dude Ranch and O'Cat Corral

Originally published in Denver North City Lifestyle

It’s never easy leaving your beloved pet behind while working or traveling.  But pet owners can rest assured their much-loved cat or dog are good hands if you take them to the Doggie Dude Ranch and O'Cat Corral in the Denver area.  Situated on a 20- acre ranch, the luxury pet resort offers unique services to the dogs and cats who stay there. 

“It was a dream of mine to create a special home away from home for pets that would provide personalized care and attention with fun activities
and a cozy, warm atmosphere. I wanted to build a facility that would provide peace of mind for pet owners leaving their pets in our care.
We have the very best in pet amenities combined with the nurturing and loving human interaction pets thrive on at home,” owner Laurie Mattke tells us. 

The all-inclusive resort boasts expansive indoor and outdoor play areas, a heated pool, and fresh sanitary bedding and towels for the guests.  There is also a pick-up and drop-off delivery service available for the sweet pups and cats that visit the ranch. 

“We provide pick up and drop off stagecoach service throughout the entire Denver area and suburbs. I would say that 85% of our clients use this
service. Our four vans are out everyday between 8-10 am and 2-4 pm,” Laurie says.

Other amenities include:

Canine Rooms:

The dog suites come in two sizes:  5'x 6' or 5'x 8' with walls 6' high.  Six of the smaller suites have full size doors with tempered glass for the safety and comfort of puppies or the elderly guests.  The temperature can be adjusted to keep guests comfortable.  Four of the larger suites have sliding doors between rooms to accommodate multiple family dogs.  Each suite will have a bed or a small dog house for smaller guests so each may feel snug and secure.

Cat Condo:

Each cat condo is 32"x 32" x 7' tall and has five levels. Each has a separate venting system so no cat will breathe another cat's air. The litter box is hidden on the lowest level separate from the sleeping area.  The design of this condo style allows for play and exercise.  Condos may be shared with another family cat.


-Complimentary bath and brush for dogs that stay 5 nights or more is offered. There is also a professional groomer on staff.
-Dogs receive a frozen Kong treat with peanut butter or a Milkbone after playtime. Dogs receive a bag of homemade treats upon departure.

Special Services:

-Photos of your pet's stay with us

-Medication administration


One night stay (first dog) $54.00

One night stay (second dog) $44.00

One night stay (third dog) $38.00

— Each additional dog $38.00

Daycare only:

Daycare Only – Full Day – picked up by 6pm $23.00

Each additional dog $15.00

Daycare Only – Half Day $12.00

Each additional dog $12.00


One night stay (first cat) $23.00

Second Cat (same condo) $19.00

More info available at

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