Luxury Vegan Interior Design

Luxurious, Functional, And Durable Interior Design With A Social Cause

Opening this summer in Santorini Greece is a luxurious, breathtaking hotel that has the added bonus of being completely vegan. No animal products and cruelty-free.   Well, you’re in luck! You don’t have to go to Santorini to experience a luxurious vegan interior design. You can bring this experience into your home with Risha Walden, from Walden Luxury Vegan Interiors in Millburn, NJ.   

Owner and Leading Expert in Vegan Interior Design, Risha Walden was trained at the New York School of Interior Design. “I’m a very creative person. I’m a celloist, a pianist, and a visual artist. I’ve traveled my whole life and lived abroad. My experience incorporates design elements that allow me to create each space as a representation of my clients.”, Risha shared with me.

Why vegan? “It’s my passion. I am vegan. It’s not just a diet but a lifestyle.  Vegan interior design is about the energy you bring into your home.  A cruelty free home rejuvenates you.” shared Risha.  Her approach to design is also sensible. “I have furniture that I’ve purchased before I became vegan. A vegan lifestyle is about sustainability. It doesn’t make sense for example to throw out a chair that I have while it still has a life. When it’s no longer functioning for me, I will replace it or refurbish it or reupholster it. If you want to incorporate pieces you have at home, we can help you. Going forward, we make the choices for your home cruelty free.”

Vegan interior design has gone mainstream with national architectural and design publications highlighting this as more than a hot trend. Vegan Luxury Interior Design uses top of the line furniture and finishes that do not come from any living creatures or their by-products.  Sourcing items that are vegan and don’t compromise the aesthetic and are geared toward sustainability is very important.  These items should be beautiful and long lasting. Risha said, “Vegan materials can be synthetic or natural fibers such as linen, cotton, bamboo…and synthetic poly fill for cushioning. Fabrics perform as well if not better. For example, faux leather can be ink and stain resistant. It is much more durable, and its inherent technology will make it last longer. Clients want beauty but they also want their home to be durable and last long.  Most clients have kids or dogs!”  Another example is a Crypton or a Sunbrella fabric which is stain, moisture, mildew, and odor resistant. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Functional, gorgeous, and yes…vegan!  “Crypton is for indoors and Sunbrella for outdoors. They’re vegan because it is a man-made material.” Shared Risha with me.

Risha’s design style is “Classic eclectic…I love using classic pieces and mixing the modern with the old.” Her designs vary from modern interiors with clean lines and neutral colors, like the luxurious neomodern home in Canada to rooms filled with vibrant colors, textures and traditional patterns here at home. She solves design problems we didn’t even know we had! “ Purchasing a home is a big investment…if you don’t create a space for yourself, it’s a wasted asset. I will ask: Who lives in this home? How does the family use it? Beauty is also about functionality. Make spaces you want to be in, that allow you to connect with your family, to entertain, to play games or simply to watch tv. Often we will spend more time in one room because our other rooms are not welcoming or functional. “

It starts with a call. “What are they looking for? How will the rooms be used? Everyone has a budget. I will be honest with them on what they can have within their budget. My design process focuses on creating personalized custom spaces with the options that work for my clients. Unique things that others will not have, often one-of-kind. “, Risha shared with me.

Walden Interiors creates homes with beautiful energy so you can live your most abundant life. Offering full-service vegan interior design for residential and commercial spaces, from a basic re-design of an existing room to full-blown remodels. Walden Interiors understand that the needs and tastes of every individual are different and will work with you to create an environment that meets your demands and your budget.  Visit https://walden-interiors.com/.

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