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Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Other Popular Option

As founder of Dena Thomas Designs in Chandler, Dena Thomas is very knowledgeable about the current trends in the world of interior design.

For example, when it comes to flooring, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is an attractive, stylish and popular option.

“LVP is an extremely durable, grout-free, easy-to-maintain flooring that is a great alternative to hardwood,” Thomas says, adding that it comes in various sizes, finishes, and styles. 

Depending on which specific type of LVP her clients choose, it can also be an economical option. There is often less labor involved to install LVP, and in some homes, it is possible to lay it over existing tile, as long as the floors are level. Laying the planks in a herringbone pattern has seen the resurgence of this luxury flooring pattern that is timeless.

“I use LVP in 60% of my homes currently. More and more people love the idea of eliminating the grout in flooring, and this is a great alternative,” Thomas says.

As a bonus, in addition to looking like real wood, LVP is waterproof—which means it can be used throughout the entire home. It’s softer on the foot than hardwood or engineered wood, and it’s incredibly durable. It also has acoustic qualities that make it suitable for condos.  

Additional types of luxury flooring that Thomas uses are marble, engineered hardwood, and high-end porcelain tiles.   

“I have used all of them, and today more and more people are choosing the LVPs,” she says.

Other Current Trends in Interior Design

In addition to LVP, Thomas says there are a number of other popular trends in interior design. These include:

·       Colors: Deep blues, grays and bold colors are definitely “in.”

·       Accessories: Black and brass are very hot right now.

·       Furniture: Both modern and traditional-looking furniture is popular with Thomas’ clients.

·       Finishes: Mixing various finishes is a great option for 2020. For instance, instead of a kitchen with all-nickel finishes, Thomas and her clients prefer brass and nickel or brass and black.

·       Walls: Wallpaper is huge, Thomas says. The bolder the better.

·       Counters: Even though quartz and granite are popular surfaces, the newest and most durable product is porcelain counters.

·       Patterns: In two words, “patterned everything.”

As for what is currently “out,” Thomas says the following once-popular trends are now more passé:

·       Farmhouse anything. “If you must have it, do it in very small moderation,” she says.

·       All-white kitchens and counters. Instead, Thomas advises the homeowners incorporate a pop of color in the kitchen.

·       Faux finishes.

·       Neon lighting.

·       Accent walls.

In general, Thomas recommends creating a home that is timeless instead of trendy.

“Like anything else in life, work in trends in moderation,” she says, adding that at the end of the day, she enjoys her personal style because that’s what makes her house her home. 

“Too many people make the mistake of copycatting their friend’s or neighbor’s style, and do not take into consideration all the elements that are going on in their own home, which may or may not match up to their neighbor’s.”

For more information on Dena Thomas Designs, visit DenaThomasDesigns.com.

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