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Lylah Ledner Skincare Line Offers Pure and Simple Beauty

In 2009, fashion designer Tory Burch started the Tory Burch Foundation to support the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. Seed Box is a curated selection of products made by women entrepreneurs and sold to benefit the Foundation. Local entrepreneur and beauty and botanical enthusiast Lylah Ledner was fortunate to have her Rose Geranium Facial Tonic included (from Lylah Ledner, formerly TSF Botanicals) in the Seed Box recently, culminating in her lifelong passion for agelessness of beauty, as well as entrepreneurship.

Owner of The Simple Farm in Scottsdale, which is celebrated for its delicious goat milk caramels and Chef's Dinners, Lylah is no novice when it comes to creating natural and healthy products. The Lylah Ledner line is yet another way she has crafted items using simple ingredients, found right on her property.  

"Transitioning from a farmer with a knowledge of plants to a formulator with a desire to create a collection of indulgent, nourishing skin care products that would have anti-aging benefits, be moisturizing, stimulate collagen, reduce sun damage and encourage healthy cell production along with plumping and restoring my mature skin became my goal, my pursuit and commitment," she says.

Lylah's mission is built on a belief that even with her pursuit in creating high-quality, multi-tasking products that deliver quality performance, she wants to ensure that every woman knows she is beautiful and that true beauty comes from the inside out. 

"Passion, knowledge and experience has a way of creating a new path where you can end up finding you’re in the right place, at the right time, at the perfect age. Sometimes, all you need is a nudge from someone who knows you and loves you," she says. "Lylah Ledner Skin Care began because of a call from my daughter, Jenni. It was the light I needed to step out of my comfort zone and start a plant-based skin care company."

Lylah has created two distinct beauty collections: the Essential Collection (basic skin care) and the Lylah Collection (luxury beauty ritual care) working together to make the most impact for a woman's healthiest complexion. The Essential Collection includes four cleansing bars and four facial tonics. The Lylah Collection has been formulated specifically with multi-correctional plant activity that penetrates and delivers plant nutrients, minerals, vitamins E and C, along with nourishing fatty acids that renew, brighten, heal and promote collagen. Raw ingredients that tone and protect the skin are key, coupled with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial benefits. Coming soon will be the additions of the hibiscus beauty mask and the rose/jasmine mist. 

Being a woman entrepreneur in her 60s, Lylah says, gives her a vantage point in terms of experience. She knows what works and what true beauty really is.

"Beauty fades, but nurturing and cultivating true beauty is ageless," she says.

"I am passionate about making 100 percent active, high-quality skin care using the best ingredients from around the earth. What I do cannot be compromised. I am even more passionate that every woman, no matter how she feels, knows she is beautiful. True beauty is ageless." 

Essential Collection:

Bars infused with goat's milk:

  • Activated Charcoal + Rosemary  
  • Canyon Pink Clay + Citrus 
  • Three Mint 
  • Spring Water + Calendula for sensitive skin
  • Facial Tonics - all Whole Plant Hydrosols 
  • Rose Geranium (mature/dry skin)
  • Lavender (balance, restore, hydrate)
  • Calendula (healing) 
  • German Chamomile (relieve, calm, restore) 

"Luna [Nourishing Oil Cleanser]; Golden Dew Serum [Botanical Beauty Serum]; and Cloud, our nighttime balm that provides added healing and moisture while you sleep are the components of the Lylah Collection. The Queen of Golden Dew Serum is our Radiant Beauty Infusion created from a four-week traditional process of gathering a specific collection of 12 to 13 whole plants grown at our farm. Every part of the plant matters and provides a beautiful range of nutrition that we extract and then infuse in the foundation oil of GDS."