Machines of Men

Businesses That are Tuned Up to Run Like High Performance Vehicles

Spencer Powell

President/Alamo Management Group

The original 1962 Cobra Shelby Mustang is the best car to represent Alamo Management Group because that sports car revolutionized the automotive industry. It was innovative and agile, but based on the fundamentals of what makes a car valuable.

At Alamo Management Group, we’ve embraced that same forward-thinking with our unique online solutions, and by customizing our operations so community managers have smaller caseloads for more high-touch homeowner service. Our goal is to revolutionize Professional Association Management Services, but no matter how progressive our offerings are, we’ll never forget the fundamental value of personal relationships. 

John Berringer

Franchise Owner/Ace Handyman Services of Northwest San Antonio

We consistently execute day in and day out and our work is timely, quality, cost-effective and friendly - just like a high-quality pickup truck.  Our greatest asset is our team – they are experienced, friendly, and believe that their work is more than just a transaction or a job.  We have a personal relationship with our customers, and we help them with anything they ask of us.  We integrate people and technology to provide an overall great customer experience and back up our work with a 1-year warranty.  We are a part of the Ace Hardware family – a stellar brand known for integrity and quality. 

Dr. Thushan DeSilva

Board Certified Dermatologist/DeSilva Dermatology

A black Lexus most closely represents DeSilva Dermatology. The company's slogan, 'The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection’ best describes Dr. DeSilva’s obsessive attention to detail. Combined with Safety as the second attribute, the team's priority is caring for patients in the safest way possible. 

Customer Service – Two physicians were recently added to the practice to improve accessibility and timeliness of appointments.  The staff is continually improving to provide patients excellent service.  

Innovation - DeSilva Dermatology offers the latest innovations in the field of medical and cosmetic dermatology with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. 

Market Leader - Dr. DeSilva is the past president of the San Antonio Dermatology Society and the only MD trainer for Allergan injectables in the area.  He also speaks for numerous biological companies. 

Accessible Luxury - DeSilva Dermatology provides patients with luxury service in an accessible way.  Lasting describes the practice as well – it has moved to Boerne on purchased land and a renovated office to create its forever home. And as with a Lexus, color is important - DeSilva Dermatology’s brand colors are black and gold, in honor of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dr. Thomas Price

Superintendent/Boerne Independent School District

The vehicle that best describes me is the big yellow school bus. The bus is one of the most recognizable symbols of on education system.  The bus driver is the first educator that many students see in the morning, and it’s the last thing they see prior to arriving home. The bus is safe and secure, while also welcoming and fun. The bus is a large part of our students’ everyday lives where they talk and laugh with friends, or work on their homework assignments. The bus is a welcoming sight to see and a key memory from people’s school-age days. The yellow school bus will be around many years after I am gone, serving the next generation of Boerne ISD students.

Now on the weekend—it is the Fiat Spider 124—black convertible soft-top—an inexpensive, fun little car.

Scott Rausch

CEO/Methodist Hospital | Texsan, part of Methodist Healthcare

One of the vehicles that represents our business is a specially outfitted helicopter. The Methodist Aircare Program manages two EC135 helicopters used for transporting patients and care teams during emergencies. The aircrafts can land in unique locations to respond to accidents and trauma calls that need the most urgent response. Our emergency teams transport patients from smaller communities to hospitals in San Antonio when a higher level of care is needed. The aircrafts are also used for inter-facility patient transfers and to transport specialty care teams quickly.

Methodist Aircare is an air ambulance, like an ICU room in the air. It is a twin-engine helicopter that cruises at 135 miles per hour and can fly in inclement weather. It is equipped with a ventilator, IV pumps, ECMO capabilities, and more. The aircraft carries one pilot, one nurse and one paramedic along with a patient.

Cayman Gentry

VP, Relationship Manager/Corporate Banking – Frost Bank

My machine is a 1990 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer. Of all the vehicles on the market it really is a dream car. I’m a petrol-head and love cars. Below is my philosophy on cars and business.

Keep the personal relationship alive

o   Electric vehicles are removing the driver and their habits and preferences from the experience. Automation is taking over and deciding what is best for you. The Tesla Model S Plaid will not even have a proper steering wheel as they believe you won’t need it going forward with a self-driving vehicle. It won’t have a shift lever as the car will check its surroundings and determine which direction you need to go. Tesla engineers know what is best for you whether you like it or not.

o   My role as a commercial banker is to keep my finger on the pulse of the relationship of my customer and the bank. I check in often on their views of their industry and what they see going forward. Additionally, it is great to grab coffee and catch up on their family and community. A great example of personal relationship would have been issuing PPP loans in 2020-21. I received hundreds of calls on my bank cell to answer customer questions regarding how we could help them access much needed funds. This isn’t possible when you call an automated 1-800 number.

Keep it simple

o   The Bronco has a timeless design. It doesn’t have GPS, Alexa, satellite radio, an automatic tailgate or back up sensors. It has great cargo space and four-wheel drive. It will take you just about anywhere and will do just about anything. A Bronco really is just a handful of bolts on a frame.

o   Commercial lending should not have computer algorithms. Simple ratios that have been recognized with standard accounting principles are a great foundation for all businesses. Topped off with a great, personal relationship as well.


o   Electric vehicles will go the way of smart phones and laptops. Sure Tesla’s seem to retain value for now but that is likely supply driven. Laptops were commonly in the thousands of dollars a few years ago but you can swing by and grab one at Walmart for $199 now. They cannot provide a reason to keep them past their assumed useful life. Vintage vehicles, especially SUVs like a Bronco, are climbing in value. As we are entrenched with new technology in cars, it’s nice to step away from the distraction and just drive a great classic. They have nostalgia and personality.

o   As a banker, I continually look for ways to add value to relationships. Partnering with my customers, co-workers, community and associates outside of the bank brings additional value that is difficult to find without established relationships.

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