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We’ve all been there, scrolling through social media and finding ourselves succumbing to the temptation of watching something we find fascinating. We become a spectator of another world. Theresa Korte’s Melted KC Instagram page has that effect. Watching her create mouthwatering jewels of handmade chocolates is truly a work of art, and you will find it difficult to tear yourself away. You will watch in awe as she delicately hand paints them with a paint brush. You will find yourself wanting to know her story, her background and most importantly how to get your hands on these delectable morsels of perfection.

Turns out this self-proclaimed amateur chocolatier was, in fact, an elementary school teacher. With a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s in literacy from the University of Oklahoma, her students and teaching were among Theresa’s passions. In 2016, after a hiatus from teaching to stay at home and raise her young children, she excitedly began preparing for her return to the classroom, only to be blindsided with the news that has since permanently altered her life. 

She recounts the day perfectly. “I remember where I was the day I got the call that I have Multiple Sclerosis,” Theresa says. “I was sitting in the car line waiting to pick up my kids from school.” 

Theresa began treatments every other day that included having to bravely self-administer injections with the side effects including chills, muscle seizing and pain. She suffered numbness, back pain, and even awoke one morning to find herself in a relapse that had paralyzed her and made walking an impossibility. She has experienced extended hospital stays, suffered the side effects of chemotherapy treatments, and endured plasma treatments. After two full years of having to stay at home, grappling with the disappointment of not being able to return to teaching or experience public places with her family, she was hopeful to get back to a new normal. 

Then the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic posed a whole new obstacle for her. What seemed alarming to the rest of us, was truly life threatening for Theresa. Despite receiving Covid vaccines her body is not producing the antibodies she needs to protect herself. Which means every day she faces choices no mother wants to make—the balance between her children’s mental health and her own physical health. 

Two short years ago, she made the decision that despite being stuck inside she still wanted to make a contribution and to pursue her passions, so she began her blog

“I recognized that I was not strong enough or well enough to serve kids in a classroom setting,” she says. “But I still love connecting with people, and I have a passion for cooking. I feel that I still have so much to share.” 

She chuckles at the comical transition of going from someone who had little technical savvy, not even having a social media account, to quickly learning how to navigate the cyber world and all the frustrations and humility that accompany it. Since beginning her blog, and through her social media accounts she has been able to share her creative gifts and talents. Her true passion has been using her talents to support local charities like No Kid Hungry, Braden's Hope, Boddicker Foundation, Blue Valley Schools and, of course, Multiple Sclerosis awareness. When asked what her biggest challenge since her diagnosis has been, she responded, “the constant pressure of navigating as a mom, how to allow my kids to be kids, while still considering my safety.” 

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