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Magnolia Farms

The Perfect Place To Say "I Do"

Set on 40 acres in the rolling green hills of Tennessee, sits picturesque wedding venue Magnolia Farms. Sometimes weddings go by in the blink of an eye, with couples barely having time to take it all in, but the team at Magnolia Farms go the extra mile to provide couples the opportunity to not only bring their dream wedding to life, but also allow them to soak up every minute of the celebration.

Known for its “Southern charm mixed with modern amenities” the Eagleville property has served as a venue for 13 years before being renamed Magnolia Farms in January of 2020. Magnolia Farms is unique in that couples can not only enjoy their special day on the property, they can also celebrate and prepare all weekend long with their family, friends, and bridal party in the two historic homes, built in the 1800s.

“We’ve got our two-day package and then we also have a three-day package,” explains Operations Manager Ann Catherine Blackburn. “The benefit of that is if they have a Saturday wedding, they can check in Friday at noon, so they can get settled and decorate and get comfortable with the space and really have plenty of time to make it their own and make it unique with all of their decorations. They also are able to have their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner onsite. We really try to make that a priority." 

The ability to not only stay in these onsite accommodations, but also enjoy these events leading up to the big day, brings a sense of calm to an often times chaotic weekend. By having everything in one location, couples can spend more time creating cherished memories with loved ones and providing ease to out of town family and friends, rather than stressing over details and spending time running around to all of the festivities that accompany their wedding day.

In addition to making the weekend as easy as possible, Magnolia Farms provides an experience that focuses on the charm of the area by helping connect couples with vendors that are local to the area.

With 30 weddings scheduled for this year, the venue is about to enter into fall, which is their busiest season of the year.
Under new ownership as of June 1st, Magnolia Farms is undergoing improvements and renovations, including adding a pavilion to host outdoor, covered weddings as well as plans to offer a third house to accommodate guests in 2023. The new ideas go beyond just their wedding clientele. “[The new owners have] a lot of ideas of how to incorporate the community even more,” says Blackburn. “Whether it be a little harvest festival or just events for the community and kids, like a movie night. Back in March, we had a really fun craft fair that was hosted by Maker’s Market Tennessee. It was so fun to just see all these small businesses that are in the area bring all of their products and have a little booth at Magnolia Farms. It’s fun just to see the town grow.”