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Maintaining A Healthy Home

New Year Tips for Maintaining One of Life's Biggest Investments—Your Home

Article by Angel Fuchs

Photography by Christine Andert—Picture Lady Photography LLC

Originally published in North Peoria Lifestyle

Deep Clean Your Flooring

David Rivera

Owner, Avocado Cleaning, LLC

David Rivera, the owner of Avocado Cleaning, LLC (, says that routinely deep-cleaning flooring has numerous health benefits. In addition to maintaining cleanliness and softness in your carpets, regular professional floor cleaning can help improve your quality of life by eliminating allergens. Rivera recommends a deep cleaning at least once a year.

Avocado Cleaners offers a multi-step process to remove allergens and kill bacteria in carpet, tile and upholstery.

“The Valley has many airborne allergens and dander that get caught in flooring, which, when stirred up, causes deterioration of health in your home,” says Rivera. “Carpet is the largest filter in your house, and regular maintenance results in better air quality in your home.”

Rivera says the goal of Avocado Cleaning is to earn clients for a lifetime by being upfront and transparent from start to finish.

“We take the time to answer questions and educate our clients to ensure 100 percent satisfaction upon completion of every job.”

Maintain Your HVAC

Peter Bartos

Owner, State 48 Home Services

State 48 Home Services ( offers the latest in whole-house indoor air quality technology in addition to HVAC, insulation and ductwork restoration, and renovation and replacement services. 

“Most people know that the outside air we breathe in Arizona can be dirty, if not unhealthy,” says State 48 owner Peter Bartos. “Few people realize that sometimes the air inside their homes can be just as bad. Incorporating better indoor air solutions can provide results that can be felt.” 

Regular annual service of an older system could help extend the useful life of something you’re not ready or able to replace. State 48 Home Services is also happy to provide routine professional maintenance of a new AC system. Bartos reminds us that most manufacturers require routine maintenance for warranty coverage. 

“There are high-quality hard-wired devices on the market that, when correctly installed to HVAC equipment, can 'scrub' the air in our homes,” explains Bartos. “State 48 offers the latest whole-house indoor air quality technology in addition to our HVAC, insulation and ductwork restoration, renovation and replacement services.”

One of the differences you'll discover with State 48 Home Services is that it is 100% local. Bartos and his family are North Peoria residents and he operates the business right here in the community. "Many of the notable AC companies in our Metro Phoenix market are now owned, and consequently directed, by gargantuan corporate entities from places including California, Connecticut and the Middle East. Our customers enjoy knowing that the dollars they spend with us remain at home." 

Bartos explains that his entire team wants to know the homeowners they work within their own communities. "Every technician on our team knows that we are in the people business." 

Bartos encourages homeowners to schedule a no-copay "checkup" for their home's HVAC system because there's never a bad time of year to ensure healthy air. 

Install Artificial Turf

Eric Noyes

Owner, Arizona's Greenest Grass Turf Co.

Arizona’s Greenest Grass Turf Co. ( offers artificial turf made in the USA and certified free of lead and toxins.

“Not all turf is created equally and, depending on what it is constructed of, may contain harmful materials,” explains owner Eric Noyes. 

In addition to being a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, with no need for maintenance, artificial turf helps with water conservation. Due to the dry Arizona climate, growing natural grass can be difficult and uses a lot of water.

Natural grass also needs fertilizer, often washed into waterways where the nutrients can cause rapid algae growth. “Too much algae depletes the oxygen in the water, creating dead zones where fish and other aquatic life cannot survive,” Noyes explains. 

Having a more water-friendly landscape doesn't have to be barren. Noyes agrees. “One does not need to have a desert or rock landscape to avoid water usage.”

Arizona’s Greenest Grass Turf Co. specializes in landscape design and installation of artificial turf, pavers, travertine, outdoor lighting, steps, planters, irrigation, trees, plants and more. The company creates private outdoor living spaces with healthy play areas for children and pets. 

This isn't something you'll have to replace often. According to Noyes, Arizona's Greenest Grass offers quality turf lasting 10 to 15 years and beyond. 

Use Solar Energy

August Heiss

Owner, ADH Solar (Alternative Dynamic Hydro, LLC)

August Heiss, owner of ADH Solar (, advocates for residential solar energy.

“My focus is on energy efficiency and providing education regarding solar energy,” he says.

According to Heiss, the more efficient your home or business is, the smaller footprint you leave behind. 

ADH Solar provides solar panel estimates, installation and maintenance, financing, and rebates for solar panels. 

“Solar energy is clean energy and can benefit the home's health and save you money by becoming more energy independent."

Decrease Energy Costs

Troy Dinbokowitz

Sunsolar Solutions

Troy Dinbokowitz of Sunsolar Solutions ( agrees and says energy costs are rising, doubling every 15 years.

“With the outdated infrastructure and crazy inflation, the trend is exponentially accelerating,” he explains. “Everybody should be in control of their own energy costs for as long as they live in the home without suffering increases while they live there.”

Sunsolar uses only the best products and installation practices. It is the only company in the industry that uses a three-course roof installation process.

“I feel like I’m helping people live more comfortably by decreasing their energy costs,” says Dinbokowitz. “Solar is the future, and every year people wait to make the change, the cost goes up by an average of 10%.”

  • Photo by Andrew Manuel

Page 2 - "If the air you breathe inside your home is too hot, too cold, too dusty or too smelly, call us."

Page 3 - “Not all turf is created equally and, depending on what it is constructed of, may contain harmful materials."