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Make a Splash in the Kitchen

Let Your Creativity Loose

When redesigning a kitchen, there are only a handful of options to personalize the room and make it your own. Paint color, countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes. And of these, the backsplash is by far the best opportunity for creativity.   

Like many decorative things, backsplashes started as a practical solution to an everyday problem. Early backsplashes were much smaller than today’s full walls of beautiful tile. They were only four inches tall and usually found only behind the sink or stove. They kept water, grease splatters, bubbling sauces, and steam from damaging the walls in these areas.

Eventually, the short backsplash was extended horizontally and ran all the way around the kitchen above the countertop. Fast forward to today and backsplashes have become one of the most beautiful focal points in kitchen design. From porcelain and ceramic tile to natural stone to metal and glass, the only limit is your imagination.

  1. Designers have taken the once humble backsplash to new heights in this kitchen featuring an expansive counter-to-ceiling marble slab. The swirls of black and grey add upscale elegance making this wall the perfect marriage of practicality and beauty.
  2. Subway tile is a classic look that will never go out of style, but today’s homes get an update with larger glass tiles. And if you like the look of clean, bright white but want just a touch of originality, change it up with contrasting grout. Subway tile is available in a wide variety of colors too so you can spice things up if you like.
  3. Break away from smooth and shiny glass and marble and try a little texture. This multi-color stone combines the rustic charm and warmth of stone with a fun color pattern that elevates the backsplash to backdrop status. 
  4. Backsplashes can take any kitchen from ordinary to ooh-la-la. You can even create a work of art within your backsplash in the area above your stove. Use contrasting or complementary tiles to create a frame. Use a larger decorative tile in the middle.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules! Backsplashes are one of the few places in kitchen design that allow for personality and individual style to shine through, so have a little fun.

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