Make Home A Personal Runway

Advice Editorial: The Symbiotic World of Fashion And Interior Design

Article by Donna Hoffman

Photography by Paul S. Bartholomew/Bartholomew Studio

Originally published in Newtown City Lifestyle

It’s hardly news that home fashion and personal fashion trends walk in near lockstep.

Both worlds regularly experience multiple trends developing simultaneously. Both worlds see trends morph rather than die a sudden death, and each camp often embraces stylistic trends separate from “color trends.”

Though fashion trends change faster, both home and fashion forever influence each other. Just as the French Blue of Louis XV’s court adorned every ballgown and waistcoat, it was also the preferred color for walls and silk-covered upholstery.

Here’s a look at the entangled color trends in fashion and home today:

Pink: In deeper and lighter hues, pink continues on the fashion runway. It’s also the requested glam color in interior design. Pink’s most recent resurgence began in the fashion world; home followed.

Marigold: The fashion world has been toying with warmer colors for a few seasons, pushing largely into marigold and browns. Marigold first snuck onto the interior design scene at Paris’ renowned Maison & Objet show five years ago. The US home market followed two years later. Next, personal fashion got on board.

Black, Gray and White: The forever classic in personal fashion and runway, this color palette continues to maintain a hold in home interiors. A strong and striking palette, people either love or hate it for home, but the lovers will not be deterred.

Blue: From navy to grayed down, blue remains the classic, safe bet in personal fashion, a forever choice from denims to silks. In home design, blue remains the color furniture manufacturers most trust, perhaps because it’s the single most popularly requested color by design consumers.

Green: Green, once mossy in interiors, it turned richly jade three years ago. At that same time, the fashion world embraced deep greens, too.

Take heart: Good style is forever.

About Donna Hoffman:
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Communicate Through Color

Color is the greatest driver in how fashion's perceived by observers, in both home and personal fashion.

Color sets mood and tone. 

Color is a powerful tool, whether worn or sat upon. 

"If life is a fashion show, let your home be its own runway. Just as there are certain colors that feel wonderful to us individually, why not drape our homes in them, too?"

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