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Make it Magical

Tiny Teepee HTX transforms any room into a magical party venue.

Article by Memorial Lifestyle Staff

Photography by courtesy of Tiny Teepees HTX

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

Tiny Teepee HTX

Kids love slumber parties, and these days, a sleepover event isn't complete without a customized teepee. Armani Mbaye, event stylist and owner of Tiny Teepee HTX has transformed typical slumber parties into magical celebrations for more than four years, saying that teepee parties are an excellent opportunity to create lasting memories with friends. 

Tiny Teepee HTX Themes 

Clients can choose from pre-existing themes or create their own. Tiny Teepee HTX has made unique themed parties, including glow-in-the-dark, jungle safari, and pastel mushrooms. 

Why kids love teepee parties

Kids fall in love seeing the tiny teepee setup and their personalized theme. The decor, fairy lights, balloons, and seeing their names on decorations really "wows" them. Children also enjoy that each of their friends has a personalized teepee where they can talk, play games, and enjoy snacks. 

The Tiny Teep HTX Difference

Once they know the theme and color scheme, Tiny Teepee HTX designs a curated party and takes care of everything. The hostess won't be responsible for setting anything up, purchasing items, cleaning, or breaking anything down. 

Every single teepee party includes teepees, air mattresses, decor pillows, blankets, string lights, tray tables, lanterns, picture frames, and themed accessories. There are also opportunities to add enhancements for even more over-the-top fun.