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Last spring, Cove Carpet One Floor & Home welcomed its new owner, Jerry Kelly. With Cove’s extensive history and sterling reputation in Summit and the surrounding areas, combined with Jerry’s long-time experience in the industry, the business is continuing to flourish.

“I started as an installer when I was 19, and it was just a fluke that I got into the industry,” he says. “I didn't like going to college and my dad knew a guy who was looking for a helper in his carpet store in Florham Park, where I grew up. I gave it a shot and from day one I loved it. Every job was similar enough, but different enough so that it was never boring. And, people were so happy when we were done - it was a good feeling. That carried me for the next 30 years.”

Jerry owned another showroom in Cedar Knolls and already had a relationship with Cove for many years. “I always said, ‘If you're ever thinking about selling…’ and here we are. So far it has been a great experience.”

He is a hands-on owner, and has totally renovated the showroom. “Since I've been here, we painted and tried to lower everything so that when you walk in, you can see farther in than before and it's a little airier. Our salespeople do a great job of asking the right questions to point you in the right direction, so you’re not just left looking on your own. They’ve been in this business most of their lives, so they know what they’re doing.”

The store carries an extensive variety of handmade and hand-loomed wools and synthetics from around the world from some of the most prestigious manufacturers. “The former owners built up relationships with these mills, and our installers are second to none. Their abilities make customers’ homes look like ads in magazines.” Cove also works with many designers and architects.

There’s a wide range of designs available - everything from traditional and modern to kids' rooms. “Traditional patterns like diamonds, stripes, and plaids are still around, but with a new spin on the look. Instead of jewel tones, colors like grays, blues and neutrals have pretty much taken over,” he says. “There are a lot of abstract patterns now that actually make your flooring look like a work of art, so carpet can make its own statement instead of just being a backdrop.”

While flat weaves are the most requested, shag carpeting has actually made a surprising comeback. “Shag snuck back in a few years ago, and we have a bunch of different ones. Sisal has also made a huge resurgence.”

Kids are still asking for colors to go with their sports teams, or if they're really young, carpets with kid themes like little road maps. Cove also has manufacturers that carry happy, vibrant colors like neon green and bright purple.

While carpeting has lost a lot of ground to hard surface materials, many people still prefer carpeting in a room, especially bedrooms. “Whether it's wall to wall or area rugs, carpet makes a room cozier, warmer and quieter,” says Jerry. “We also do a lot of stairs runners, for the design aspect as well as to prevent a possible slip on the stairs.”

Cove also offers real wood flooring - prefinished and unfinished that is sanded and stained - but the newer flooring options, like luxury vinyl, are taking the industry by storm. “The ones that look like wood are amazing,” he says. These “floating floors” can go right over a ceramic tile or real hardwood floor without having to tear it up or damage it. In addition to being less expensive than hardwood, another advantage of vinyl flooring is that it doesn’t get damaged when it gets wet, so it’s great in a kitchen.

To see how different flooring choices will actually look in your home, Cove offers a designer app. You can take a picture of your room, choose a flooring, and put it on there. The store offers flooring samples as well. “It’s important to see the sample in your home’s light at different times of the day,” says Jerry. People also like to touch what they’re buying.

While there is usually a wait time of four to six weeks for flooring, Cove does keep stock rolls of carpeting in the store for when something is needed very quickly. Visit the store, or go to CoveCarpetOneSummit.com for more information.

“Whether it's wall to wall or area rugs, carpet makes a room cozier, warmer and quieter,” says Jerry. 

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