Make Your Home Shine

Gain expert cleaning insight from MaidPro owner Ricardo Castañeda

Article by Ricardo Castañeda

Photography by MaidPro, Courtney Cook & Illuminaphotographic

Originally published in Cedar Park City Lifestyle

1. Keep dirt where it belongs—outside. To keep your floors clean, prevent dirt from getting there in the first place. Doormats give doorways a little personality and intercept the majority of dirt and dust coming into your home.

2. Add color to your cleaning routine. Color-coding your cleaning towels stops cross-contamination. Use different colored towels when cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen to prevent germs from spreading.

3. Take the time to disinfect. Read the product labels on your disinfectants to determine how much "contact time" is recommended. Keep surfaces wet to allow products to effectively kill the germs.

4. Reduce pet shedding. Shedding is natural and healthy for canines, but that doesn't make it any easier to clean. Brush out dead hair before it leaves your furry friend's coat. Bristle brushes work on all coats.

5. Clean or replace HVAC filters. Regularly remove, inspect, and either clean or replace HVAC filters, as these can also be breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other allergens.

6. Clean your tools. Sponges, towels, and other cleaning tools can be the perfect environment for germs to thrive and multiply. Clean, dry, and disinfect them. Throw your sponges and towels through the washer and dryer.

MaidPro North Austin is a professional home cleaning service that has been serving Cedar Park and the North Austin community since 2016. Beyond cleaning, we want to give our customers the gift of time and enhance their quality of life.

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