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Kevin Caron

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Makers in the Community

Four local artists create masterpieces from a variety of mediums

When you think of the word “artist,” you might envision someone who paints portraits or creates beautiful pieces out of clay or glass. While this is definitely the case, artists can go beyond the traditional skills and mediums to include gifted cake sculptors and entertainers.

With this in mind, we wanted to introduce you to four local “makers” from the community who create a variety of lovely artwork—some traditional, and some more outside of the box.

Kevin Caron, Caron Studios,

Chances are good that you have seen some of sculptor Kevin Caron’s work—Caron’s sound sculpture C-note is on Arizona Avenue, and his piece The Seed can be found at Tumbleweed Recreation Center. Caron became a full-time artist in 2006. In 2018, he was selected as Visual Artist of the Year in the Phoenix Mayor’s Arts Awards and featured in a 20/20 national television special. With more than 45 private and public commissions, his metal and 3D-printed sculptures can be found from coast to coast.

Marnie and Jeff Brookins, GlassMelts,

Marnie and Jeff Brookins, who have been married for over 30 years, started their career in glass when they bought a home in Chandler in 2000. After Marnie didn't have any luck finding a stained glass window for their bedroom, Jeff suggested that they try making one themselves. The couple transitioned to glass fusing when they saw some fused pieces at a supply store, and they bought their first kiln. Their fused glass is mostly functional in nature, and includes nightlights, bowls, soap dishes, incense holders, candle holders, plates, trinket dishes, ornaments and business card holders. The couple hopes that their pieces will be used frequently, and not merely for show.

Todd Smeltzer, BoBo the Magic Clown and Santa Arizona, and

Todd Smeltzer is a professional clown, pirate, wizard, leprechaun, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, who has performed at more parties than he can count. With 35 years of experience under his belt and time spent studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, Smeltzer is living proof that performing for others and creating beautiful and whimsical creations out of balloons is definitely a form of art. The single father of two is also a magician, face painter and balloon artist, and has appeared on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS Walter Cronkite News. BoBo’s motto is: Always be Childlike, but Never Childish.

Smita, Intricake,

As Smita, owner of Intricake, knows quite well, cake is about much more than flour, sugar and colorful frosting. Cakes can also be created with an artistic flair, allowing them to represent a client’s interest or personality. Smita creates her custom cakes for all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries and special occasions like Super Bowls or celebrating a friendship. She enjoys creating cakes that truly represent the client and/or the occasion, like adorning a cake with beautiful flowers for someone who loves gardening, or adding a person’s favorite quotes.

  • Todd Smeltzer, aka BoBo the Magic Clown
  • Smita (Photo by Lindsay Borg)
  • Jeff and Marnie Brookins (Photo by Lindsay Borg)
  • Kevin Caron