Makeup Looks that Transition from Day to Night

Two Fall Looks Created by Debora Capaldi

Debora Capaldi has always loved the salon industry and makeup. A makeup artist who previously worked for Lancôme and taught makeup classes, she knew early on that one day she wanted to own a salon.

“I’ve always loved makeup, even as a young girl. The way it enhances someone’s best features—it has a way of transforming the face. It’s magical. It also has the power to boost one's confidence and visually express your personality. It affects your mood, whatever look is created. I love applying makeup to someone when they are relaxed and pampering themselves. As they wait until I finally say, 'You can look now. I’m finished.' It’s my favorite part to see their expression of delight and their reaction is all so well worth it. They smile and feel so beautiful. It has that effect on you."

Today, Debora has been the owner of the Valley’s popular Pucci Salon (Pucci was one of her nicknames) for 28 years. The salon moved into its current Scottsdale Road location nine years ago.

Even as the owner, Debora continues to provide makeup services.

“I love colors and what they create, but I enjoy teaching people how to simplify their makeup as well,” she says, sharing that in today’s fashion world, there isn’t just one popular current makeup look.

“Today we have so many different looks. You can go from smokey to tawny to bold to natural to fantasy. There are so many looks that are acceptable now. But the most important thing is really teaching people how to apply it and make them look and feel good,” Debora says.

Here, Debora shows two looks that are not only perfect for fall but are day looks that also transition well into evening looks.



This look was created to accentuate the model’s green eyes.

“It’s smokey but kind of a gold disco eye. It’s not too dark, so it’s something you could actually wear during the day, but it carries through the night too. It has a gold disco-y eye around the lid, with a lot of shimmer,” Debora explains.

To get the look, Debora applied a toasty flat color to the crease to create more depth. A shimmery brownish copper color—perfect for fall—was brushed over the entire lid.

“I didn’t put a lot under her lid, just very lightly accentuated to give her eye shape. I wanted to define the shape of her eyes,” she says.

Debora applied a soft, matte cheek color, but minimal so as not to draw away from the shimmer on the eye.

To finish the look, she used a flesh-color lipstick tone to bring out the natural lip color, with some clear gloss on top.


This look was also designed to play up the model’s eyes.

“I carried a tawny look through her entire eye, even under her brow bone,” Debora says. “I actually brought the color almost all the way up. She has such a beautiful eye shape that I accentuated a little more into the crease. In the inner corner, I put a lot of highlight just to open the eye a bit.

“She has beautiful eyes, so I carried that color underneath her eye, as well."

She then contoured her cheeks using almost the same color as on her eyes.

Keeping with the tawny look, Debora lined the model’s lips and used a matte finish on her mouth using liner and lipstick that again carried through the same tones.

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