Making a Difference Any Way He Can

Chris Martin Gives Back to Frederick Through Business and Community Involvement

Article by Emily Dickey

Photography by Marie Rose Photography

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

It only takes one person to light a spark which inspires others.

It only takes one person to make a difference in the lives of everyone they meet.

Frederick native Chris Martin is both of these—a spark and a difference maker.

“When I look back on my life, I want to know that I put my best foot forward, that I left an imprint on my community that moves the needle a little bit,” Chris explained.

As the owner of Convoy Creatives, Chris focuses on helping businesses and organizations to “take their growth, branding and overall ‘digital needs’ to the next level.” 

He lives by the mantra “partnerships over profit” in all areas of his life. 

“The biggest part of my business is listening,” said Chris with a laugh, noting that he might be such a good listener thanks to his marriage to wife Katie, with whom he has a 19-month-old daughter, Iris. 

Through Convoy Creatives, Chris offers a buffet of services, everything from logo and web design to social media management and marketing. “I can really do whatever someone needs. I say to my clients, ‘Tell me what you need. Tell me your goals and the goals for your business.’ Then, I can cater a package for them.”

“There is no job too big or too small,” said Chris, explaining that the name of his company illustrates a desire to work as a team. “In a convoy, no one is in front or behind. It’s about working together to accomplish goals and growth.” 

Although Convoy Creatives will celebrate its first “legal birthday” in January 2024, Chris said he has been working with branding and marketing for more than a decade; first with a large restaurant group for ten years, before venturing off on his own in 2021. In addition, his experiences while playing and touring as a musician with several bands for twelve years gave him unique insights on various aspects of branding. 

“Branding has been ingrained in me. When I was touring, I knew what a band should look like. Now I take that experience and the ones I had with the previous restaurant group, and I build on those to capture the voice of the business or organization I am working with. Being creative is an outlet for me—one I am lucky enough to take part in every day.”  

Chris said he focuses solely on working with companies and establishments based in Frederick County, noting that he doesn’t seek to compete with others, but instead develop partnerships that will encourage collaboration and growth for everyone. “That helps to make the brands stronger, the community stronger and everyone involved stronger.”

Another outlet for Chris is his unwavering commitment to his community. A 2004 graduate of Frederick High School, Chris can’t help but smile when he talks about his community. “Frederick is a really great place to be. I grew up here and continue to live here. Why wouldn’t I want it to grow and be a great community? I really enjoy seeing people I have known for years and reconnecting with them on a variety of initiatives and projects.” 

As part of his mission to contribute to the growth of his community, Chris is actively involved in the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek and the Frederick Chamber of Commerce, as well as a member of the board of directors for the Impact Club and the Board Chair of Housing Frederick. “I may not look like a typical board member, but I hope that bringing some newer ideas and helping others think outside the box will encourage more people to get involved and see the difference we can make together.”

Getting involved is something that Chris does not shy away from. In fact, since starting his own business, he has donated 5% of all sales each month to his alma mater, Ballenger Creek Elementary School, to help with food insecurity for students and families. “Giving back to my community is a huge motivator for me to keep doing what I’m doing,” adding that his parents still live near the elementary school.

When Chris started giving donations to Ballenger Creek Elementary School they were aimed to help cover lunch debts accrued by students. Now the outreach has grown into something much bigger. The “Convoy Cabinet” debuts this school year—an initiative that provides a room filled with everyday essentials and a fridge stocked with sandwiches, drinks, fruits and veggies for students and families with a “no questions asked” policy. 

“If this (school) feels like a home away from home for these students, then it’s fulfilling its objective.” Chris explained, “If we shed a light on these kids when they are young, we are making a difference in them now and when they grow older.” 

In addition to looking for outreach efforts through Convoy Creatives and various organizations throughout the community, Chris extends his positivity and goodwill to friends and family on a regular basis through spontaneous text messages to offer a few words of encouragement, a statement of gratitude or an opportunity for a granted favor. “We are all going through hard things. Just because I may not personally be going through something, doesn’t mean I can’t lend empathy and understanding to others who are. That’s what makes the world a better place—the ability for connection.”

“Giving back to my community is a huge motivator for me to keep doing what I’m doing.” - Chris Martin

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