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Leah Huss. Photo by Lyssa Van Cleave

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3 Women Who are Changing the World Around Them

Pam Kehaly

President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Pam Kehaly, president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ), is passionate about “doing whatever I can to help Arizonans be as healthy as they can be.”

Right now, this means that her team at BCBSAZ has been supporting the state-run mass COVID-19 vaccination sites with volunteer and logistic coordination.

“This work is important to getting our economy back to normal, and, most importantly, saving lives,” she reflects. “Myself, my husband Bill, and our sons have worked many shifts—Bill covering a lot of night shifts—and there is nothing more invigorating then being involved with work that is so meaningful to the community.”

In addition to her life saving work, Kehaly has been a Paradise Valley resident for three years and loves a good Peloton ride every morning.

“I would hope to be known as a fantastic mother, and an individual who made a positive difference in people’s lives,” she says. “Whether through community service, random acts of kindness, or decisions made at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona on behalf of our members, I would like to be known as the down-to-earth, approachable, and very tall, woman who made someone’s life just a little bit better.”

Quita Jackson

Co-founder of

Quita Jackson is passionate about sharing a lifestyle that “mimics nature and promotes zero waste.” A true believer in sustainable living, she practices what she preaches by building her own eco-friendly shipping container homes for her family, and documenting the process on her green lifestyle website,

A former Channel 15 news producer, she now has a new mission: “I want people to know how fulfilling this lifestyle can be to our entire society and how important this zero waste and sustainability message is. The more self-sufficient we are, the less many things happening around the world affect us. You don’t have to depend on others as much if you’re growing your own food, collecting your own water, and using the sun… This doesn’t mean everyone has to do everything; everyone simply has to do something to leave less of a carbon footprint.”

In addition to sharing her own green lifestyle and journey, she also helps the community through eco-friendly projects like helping to build school gardens. 

“We can do so much more as a community,” she says. “I truly believe that just by living and sharing this self-sufficient lifestyle, we attack so many issues and face tomorrow’s problems today.”

Leah Huss

Owner/Co-Founder Huss Brewing Co.

Leah Huss, owner and co-founder of Huss Brewing Co., wants her brewery to be known for two things: amazing quality; true-to-style beers; and that without her dedicated staff, Huss Brewing Co. would be nothing.

“My favorite thing about the craft beer industry is the closeness and camaraderie we share,” Huss says.

Huss is a rare find in the brewing industry; it’s estimated that women represent around 23% of brewery owners and 8% of production staff. Along with her husband Jeff, she has owned Huss Brewing Co. since 2013. The company is now one of the state’s largest independent brewers, with a brewery/taproom in Tempe, a taproom in Uptown Phoenix, and a third location opening soon in Phoenix.

“My husband I were both in the brewing industry when we found out we were having our daughter,” she explains. “We almost immediately started making plans for opening a brewery as a legacy for her.”

An Arizona resident for 25 years, Huss and her brewery support a variety of local charitable causes.

“A big part of our company culture is to support the causes and interests of our employees,” she says.

These causes include sponsoring events for the Brian Injury Alliance of Arizona, and supporting St. Mary’s Food Bank.

  • Pam Kehaly
  • Leah Huss. Photo by Lyssa Van Cleave
  • Quita Jackson. Photo by Lyssa Van Cleave