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Making an Impact, “One Life at a Time”

CEO of Holliday Insurance Company in Bloomfield Hills shares her experience with volunteering in the metro Detroit community

Where does your passion for volunteering stem from?

Growing up Christian, CEO of Holliday Insurance Company Lucretia Holliday said her life has been focused on serving and giving back what God has given her. She comes from a family of generations who serve, making it “automatic” in her words.

What has been your favorite volunteer experience?

Holliday said there used to be an after-school program in Detroit near the Cass Corridor where she and other volunteers would supply after-school snacks to about 30-40 kids. “I realized through doing this that not everyone gets a birthday cake every year, which I guess I never really considered,” she said. “We would supply cake mix and cake frosting to those with upcoming birthdays, and one mom told me that her kids used what we sent them home with to make a cake for her, which really touched me. It just shows that a dollar or two can make such a difference for some.”

How does your passion for volunteering transfer into your work at Holliday Insurance?

Prior to opening Holliday Insurance, Holliday said that in her previous roles she was forced to go through clients so fast that even though they were called clients, they were treated more like customers as they were not receiving the one-on-one focus and time she wanted to provide them and thought they deserved. In contrast, Holliday Insurance focuses on each individual client, so much that the agency’s slogan is “One Life at a Time.” Just like she does at work, Holliday views her volunteer work as changing people, one life at a time. “Everyone is only a second away from a disaster that can change their life,” Holliday said. “Feeling supported or having that extra hand, could mean the world to others.”

What involvement does Holliday Insurance have within the committees you voluntarily serve?

From finger printing to photo identification making to bicycle safety, Holliday said that Holliday Insurance regularly does events and sponsorships within many of the voluntary committees she serves.

How do you find the time to give back and volunteer on top of not only working full-time but as the CEO of Holliday Insurance?

Holliday said organization is key. “I’m a creature of habit,” she explained, laughing. “Everything just comes easier when you’re organized.” Starting when her kids were young, Holliday said she was an early riser, always getting up before her two daughters, and even once they were grown (now 33 and 29), she continues getting up early, often being the first to work. “You get so much accomplished and can just knock it all out,” she said. “It’s also when you can think of new things and get creative.”  

Why should more people in the community volunteer?

“Volunteering is good for your health and so relaxing, especially if you work since it’s stress-free,” Holliday said. “You can give so much, and there’s so much joy in it.”

Holliday Insurance Company is located in Bloomfield Hills. For more information, call (248)-497-9498 or visit

What does giving back mean to you?

“As long as I’m able, I feel I have a responsibility to help others. There are times when everybody falls short, and it’s nice to have someone to lean on."