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DIY - Making Beautiful Wreaths

For Home Holiday Decor or Gifts

Article by Jennifer Brown/Board & Brush Creative Studio

Photography by Jessi Edison

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Don't you love the smell of fresh winter greens during the holiday season? Jennifer Brown of Board & Brush Creative Studio in Boerne has provided some easy steps to create beautiful wreaths for gifts for to decorate your home.

To make these wonderful wreaths, gather:

An assortment box of bundled fresh winter greens, found at a local florist 

Ribbon/bow options, 2-inch wired ribbon


Berry Stems

22-Gauge green floral wire - pre-cut four to five 10 inch lengths

18-inch grapevine wreaths

Wire cutters

Floral snips/scissors

To assemble the greenery, select a larger piece of greenery to start the layering process (we suggest something flat to start with as you will add more and build up as you go). Take it by the stem and insert it firmly and gently into the grapevine wreath. And repeat ... repeat ... repeat. It is really just that easy!

Add different types of greens to create interesting textures with layering. Periodically lift your wreath up to see how it looks as you go. Secure your greens by snipping a longer branch and inserting the shorter stem into the grapevine or you can tie down a longer branch with the floral wire.

And now, the embellishments! If desired, add berry stems the same way as the greenery. Use the lengths of wire to attach pinecones by taking the wire and pushing it into a crease towards the base around the pinecone. Twist the wire and you’ll be left with two ends that you can tie to your wreath. Add your ribbon or premade bow last. You can do this with the floral wire as well.

Finally, display and care. Attach the wreath to the door with a wreath holder and hang indoors or outdoors. Mist your wreath regularly with water to help extend its longevity. 

Additional tips: Start with lighter, flatter greens that you can layer onto. When adding pinecones, add them evenly around the wreath or create a small cluster of three for more visual interest or a focal point near the bow. Grouping elements in odd numbers creates a great balance. For instance, three berry stems evenly distributed around the wreath create a “triangle” and visual balance. Mix and match colors and textures, smooth long needles paired with greens that have small berries or shorter needles and different colors.

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