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Discover three fun ways for parents to engage with their children

Nidhi Singh understands the impact of genuinely connecting with your child, away from technology. Whether you are out and about in Cedar Park or in the comfort of your home, take time to introduce them to therapeutic, delightful activities.

Nidhi's Picks:

Visiting the Texas farmers' market has become our non-negotiable weekend habit. It’s truly a feast for the senses. The most wonderful part of the experience is soaking in the good vibes and community spirit. We encourage our toddler to say hello to the farmers and learn where the food comes from. He loves the live music and pets every dog he comes across!

Brushy Creek Park is one of our favorite parks. We often spend our afternoons in nature admiring the fountain, throwing pebbles in the creek, playing soccer, eating snacks, watching airplanes, talking about trucks, and collecting sticks. My husband and I also take short hikes with our toddler. Enjoying time outside as a family never fails to give us a gentle and uplifting internal energy.

Baking is a perfect way to keep our 3-year-old entertained and away from gadgets. He has so much fun while learning kitchen skills, such as measuring ingredients, cracking eggs, following recipes, and using utensils properly. Spending time in the kitchen together is a memorable experience.

Nidhi Singh lives with her toddler and husband in Cedar Park, TX. By profession, she is a product manager for a technology company. She is a food and fitness enthusiast.

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