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Making Its Presence Felt

Fourth Capital Embraces the Role of A Community Bank

Through deeds, not words, a small community bank is making a big difference in a sprawling metropolis. Whether it’s through sponsorships, volunteer work or direct community engagement, Fourth Capital’s presence is felt practically every day throughout the Nashville area. Not bad for a privately held institution with fewer than 70 employees.

And it’s not just the logo that’s visible. “We’re involved personally with events all the time,” says Mary Slater, Fourth Capital’s
executive vice president and chief culture officer. “We don’t stay in our silos.” This year Fourth Capital has been a part of 120 local events and has provided direct support to 60 different organizations.

Fourth Friday is one the bank’s signature initiatives. As the name implies, on the fourth Friday of each month, Fourth Capital employees volunteer their time or contribute to a targeted cause. “Fourth Friday represents an opportunity for us to choose a community partner or client that we work with or admire,” says Slater. “Sometimes we’ll collect items for a drive while other times
we’ll take a team on location to work or provide a service that needs to be fulfilled.”

The bank is also an advocate for teens and has a close relationship with Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee (BGCMT). Over the summer, Fourth Capital led an eight week workshop where high school students learned about business basics through BGCMT’s Entrepreneurship Industry Club. Participants were taught how to identify a need and to create a business plan. On the final day of the workshop, they pitched their ideas Shark Tank-style to a panel of civic leaders. Slater characterized it as a meaningful and heartfelt event. “The winners were a brother-sister team that created a clothing line using repurposed hand-me-down garments,” she said. “Their inspiration came from their family where they were two of 10 siblings. Their idea was to help parents who may be struggling to buy new every year. It was really cool to see where they came from.”

Currently Fourth Capital has locations in downtown Nashville, Cool Springs and Green Hills. A fourth location on the square in downtown Franklin is due to open in 2023. And they’re in it for the long haul with no plans to go public or to purchase other banks.
Says slater, “It’s what you do when you’re a community bank.”

You can take those words to the bank.

  • Mary Slater, Executive VP and Chief Culture Officer

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