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Achieve lushious yards, such as this one in Wayne.

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The Greening Of Newtown

Local Professional Is Passionate About Healthy Lawns — And Healthy Environment For Local Business

For the past six years, Matthew Peters has helped Newtown-area residents enjoy lush, beautiful lawns. He started Weed Man and Mosquito Hero of Bucks and Montgomery Counties with a single truck, and says he plans to have six on the road this season. Still, he’s not content just to grow his own business. He’s planting deep roots in the community by exploring groups, such as the Newtown Business Association (NBA), Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce, LeTip of Lower Bucks County and Newtown Rotary Next Gen, as well as volunteering for the Newtown Township Economic Development Committee. 

“I always encourage any small business owner that I meet in person or online to consider joining groups like these, because I know they can have value for local business people or people who are newer to business through the connections they’ll make, the friendships, and experts they’ll be able to interact with,” he says. 

Matt grew up in nearby West Chester. During middle and high school, he says he always tried to make extra money by selling candy or gum and shoveling driveways.

At 16 years old, he got a job as a neighborhood canvasser for Weed Man Lawn Care, an international network of locally owned and operated lawn care businesses that started in 1970. He says he was good at it, and was given other opportunities:  inside sales, lawn care technician and administrative positions. Eventually, he was promoted to sales manager of one office and general manager of another. 

In 2016, he moved to Bucks County to open a franchise of his own. He also started to network, joining the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce and NBA. 

Last year, he was elected to the NBA board of directors. He now chairs NBA’s Emerging Leaders committee. In 2020, in response to COVID-19-related shutdowns, the committee members launched the All Around Newtown video series, which Matt hosts. Those videos feature association members sharing their special expertise; topics range from local history and current events to health and wellness. All Around Newtown airs live monthly on NBA’s Facebook page and is available on YouTube and the association’s website.

Among community benefits, the All Around project gives Matt a chance to explore other skills and talents. “I used to have an interest in broadcasting and communications. It was one of the things I wanted to do career-wise and always wanted to try my hand at," he says.

Matt attends monthly networking events and gets involved in area special events, such as the NBA Business Expo, Welcome Day and the Easter egg hunt, which he says give him an economical way to promote his business to area residents. He also has sponsored business card exchanges and breakfast meetings. In recognition of his volunteerism, he received the 2020 NBA Community Service Award. 

“It provides me an opportunity to get my name out there, get my business out there and build personal and professional relationships,” he says of the sponsorships. “It’s a way to give back to an organization that has helped my business and to provide a foundation for a strong business community in Newtown.” 

Matt is happy to offer tips for a healthy lawn. Most importantly, he says, “You need to apply the right product at the right time and the right amount to get the right result. Another thing would be to make sure your lawn is being mowed at the right height with a sharp mower blade.” 

Although Weed Man staffers don't cut grass, they do offer control for grass weeds, such as crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, in addition to nutsedge, a rapidly-growing weed that’s in a class of its own. 

“It’s hard to eradicate using do-it-yourself products. It needs in-depth treatment,” Matt says of nutsedge. 

Grubs, which eat grass at the roots, are another problem that requires treatment, he adds. The area’s soil also can make it tough to maintain a beautiful lawn. 

“Soils in the Delaware Valley have a lot more clay in them. Over the summer, it gets hard and compacted,” Matt explains. "Aerating the lawn can help. If you aerate regularly, it’s going to strengthen the root system, and allow the fertilizer, seed and all that good stuff to get down to the roots easier. The stronger the grass rooting system, the better it’s able to prevent weeds and diseases like red thread and brown patch."


"It all boils down to the right cultural practices—seed, fertilizer, mowing and watering." ~Matthew Peters

  • Matthew Peters, of Weed Man Bucks/Montgomery Counties, was just named a 2022 Local Business Person Of The Year by Alignable (small business referral network).
  • Explore groups like Le Tip and Newtown Business Association for networking opportunities.
  • Achieve lushious yards, such as this one in Wayne.
  • Alignable (small business network) announced Matthew Peters of Weed Man

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