Thrive With Us

Making People Happy is Part of our DNA

What started as a 3,000 square foot space in the Lower Downtown District of Denver, has grown to a multi-site community of people who support one another – in both life and business. We eliminated the institutional feel and a “Rent’s due Monday” mentality. We like making our members happy. And happy members tend to make their own customers happy. We think that makes the world a better place to live in—and it also makes our members’ businesses more successful.

Today, Thrive has over 75,000 square feet across the Front Range in four locations (Ballpark, Centennial, Cherry Creek, and West Arvada) and is continuing to expand. This gives us a unique advantage in being the perfect hub-and-spoke office for companies. No longer are people commuting from Golden or Boulder to get to their office in the Tech Center; companies are looking to shift to several smaller offices across the Denver metro area rather than having just one large office that is not always convenient for everyone. As companies look to move towards a remote-first workforce amidst what COVID-19 has done to just about every company, people still need a place to “land” when work and home balance becomes difficult. In fact – we have seen a spike in requests for single offices or desks for employees who have “gone rouge” and seek to find their own office space when they are not allowed to enter their actual office building.

We have also moved beyond just a cool office space and now focus on complete tailored solutions based on our core values; relationship building, thinking like an owner, servicing customers above all else, and continued improvement. This allows businesses to expand and grow as they need, and allows us to be involved in the neighborhoods and communities that we serve.

While making businesses and people happy has always been a part of our DNA, it wasn’t until the Spring of 2020 that we introduced Thrive Services to officially put a name on some of the things we had been doing for years. We offer a full range of things to make personal and business lives a little bit easier, including virtual assistants. We recognize that our members projects’ vary, and to be able to bring extra hands on board, essentially on-demand, has saved people money, headaches, and precious time. 

We anticipate a good amount of people will be looking to move out of places like New York City and San Francisco, seeking a better work/life balance that Colorado offers.  A component of our services includes relocation, and that’s just one aspect that makes us unique. We know many people are taking the entrepreneurial leap and starting their own businesses. We have spent months designing our services to provide the support, the resources and the business connections that we ourselves had to go seek when we started Thrive. No matter the dreams and goals brought our way, know that we are committed to helping you thrive.

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