Making Training Personal

Flexing on ways to make your workout work

New Year’s resolutions firmly in place, you’re ready to commit to a stronger, healthier life! But where to even start? It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with the big franchise gyms, and the highly specialized, boutique gyms can lack the variety to hold interest long term. Everybody -- and every body -- is unique, so how do you create a training program that is personalized and successful?

Body Fitness Training (BFT) offers an answer. Located near Market Street in The Woodlands, BFT combines cardio, strength and resistance training in a science- and technology-based program that builds on an individual’s current fitness level. Each 50-minute class, led by two or three highly certified coaches, is like a semi-private personal training session.

The difference at BFT, according to franchise owners Clay and Vanessa Walden, is their curated eight- to 12-week progressive training blocks, variation and increased overloading that is monitored and guided for each person.

“What I think really sets us apart, though, is our people,” Vanessa said. “It’s our community. When we opened BFT in February 2023, we hoped for and prayed for this to be a place where people not only came to workout but felt at home. It’s really surpassed what we could imagine.

Birthdays, babies, anniversaries, reaching a goal, the BFT family celebrates together.” Clay points out that one of their bigger challenges is overcoming misconceptions and unreasonable expectations that have been created in the fitness industry. “Education is really important to us, education to understand what works for your body and how your body responds,” he said. “We meet you where you are. You are enough, and your only competition is you.

Bring us the ‘Why’ for working out, and we’ll give you the ‘How.’” For the days when there just isn’t time to get away for a workout, nothing beats a well-outfitted home gym.  Dusty Schlotfeldt, Vice President of Top Fitness, agrees that creating a personal workout space for your home base that is based on what you like to do, what you’ve enjoyed doing in the past and any medical concerns is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

“A treadmill is still the number one piece of home equipment, and more people are realizing the importance of including strength training to offset the loss of bone mass as we get older,” Dusty said. “We recommend adding hand weights, resistance bands and medicine balls when we’re personalizing a workout space.”

The Top Fitness Store, located on Interstate 45 in Shenandoah, offers individualized guidance to meet the needs of each client and their space with cardiovascular, resistance and strength training equipment and accessories like flooring and recover tools.

One size does not fit all when it comes to creating a healthy, strong and vibrant lifestyle that will last long after the conviction of a resolution has faded. You are your only competition!

“Education is really important to us, education to understand what works for your body and how your body responds." - Clay with BFT 

Bring us the ‘Why’ for working out, and we’ll give you the ‘How.’” - nothing beats a well-outfitted home gym -  Dusty Schlotfeldt, VP of Top Fitness.  

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