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Photo by: Adam Cheek

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Maman x Kate Foley

Local Greenwich artist, Kate Foley, designs signature Greenwich coffee cup at Maman.

If you’ve strolled down Greenwich Ave and into Maman, you may have noticed your morning latte served in a beautifully designed, exclusive Greenwich cup. The coffee cup depicts some iconic Greenwich landmarks and was designed by another icon of the Greenwich community, artist Kate Foley.

When Maman, a beloved NYC based café, opened last summer on Greenwich Avenue, a friend encouraged Kate to submit her art for a competition to design a custom cup the café would produce for their new location. The ask from Maman was general; for “any art” but Kate knew she wanted to include special places from around town. “I started to think about all the things I love about Greenwich—Tod’s Point, the Greenwich clock, the train station, polo fields, Island Beach ferry, the Bush Holly House, the top of the avenue, time spent out on the water, or walking my brother’s dog, Bodhi, around all those places. I even included those annoying parking meters that I always forget to pay!”

She began to sketch and watercolor in the Maman blue and white colorway to pay homage to their interior décor and dishes and once finished, submitted her work. Several weeks later, she received an email informing her that her art had been selected for the custom cup. “When the cup was finally in store, I was so excited and moved by all my friends (and even strangers) sharing and tagging me in their coffee photos. That was a total WOW moment!”

Kate is a Greenwich native who’s always enjoyed art and creating it. After years of painting cards or gifts for family and friends, she hosted her first official art show last year with two best friends at Half Full Brewery. Kate’s art is a direct reflection of the artist herself; effortlessly cool and a bright presence. Think a Veuve Clicquot bottle brimming with hydrangeas, a directional ‘Happy Hour’ sign, flowers surrounding a construction site, summer scenes so much more.

When several pieces of her art sold almost immediately and she received numerous requests for commissions, she “officially felt like a true artist!” For Kate, the Maman x Kate Foley cup was “the cherry on top of 2023!” But she’s not stopping there. The momentum and inspiration from a successful year is now fueling her creativity in the new year, “I’m riding out that feeling and can’t put the paintbrush down!”

If you’d like to see more of Kate’s beautiful art, you can follow her at @artportfoleyio or visit her website at

Kate Foley is a fashion and jewelry designer by day; a painter and illustrator by night; inspired and influenced by the delight and wonder of fashion, art, architecture, world travel and everything in between. Kate can usually be found with a paint brush in hand at the beach or burning the midnight oil doodling before bed.   

Her art is inspired by weekend getaways, happy hours with friends, endless summers, objects she adores, and some that she so wishes she could afford! All those big and little things.. because no detail should be overlooked, and there is so much to enjoy!

  • Photo by: Chris Sainato
  • Photo by: Adam Cheek
  • Photo by: Adam Cheek