Man Cave

Bodify Caters to Gents with Masculine Aesthetic

Bodify specializes in comfortable and effective CoolSculpting. The process is noninvasive, and Bodify has performed more than 15,000 treatments. Results include reduction of fat layers by 20-25% per treatment and is ideal for diet- and exercise-resistant fat. Popularity is at a peak with CoolSculpting for both men and women alike; however, many facilities who offer these services tend to offer an environment that is geared toward female comforts and aesthetics. In order to make sure the men felt that same level of content when visiting Bodify, they have created the Man Cave, focused specifically on the needs of their male clientele. 

The owners of Bodify were sure to speak to men before opening Bodify, and while it was clear that they loved the idea, what they hesitated at was the med spa feel that was clearly for women. Thought was put into creating an environment men would want to hang out in—with a big-screen TV to watch sports or TV on, a plush brown leather chair and room decor that speaks to the manly persuasion.

"My co-founder, Melissa Mickelson, came up with the idea for the Man Cave. Before opening Bodify, she worked for organizations that focused heavily on customer service and experience. Everything about our office and the experience we create for our clients is intentional."

—Co-founder, Jessica Johnson

Within the Man Cave, even the glass offered with water, coffee or tea exudes masculinity. The robes, towels and every other niche allow men to rest assured they are in the right place to get rid of their stubborn fat. During their treatment, men can even work on their laptop or use headphones to listen to music. This attention to detail has led Bodify to be largely above the national average of male visitors to its locations.

In 2018, Bodify performed more than 750 Man Cave treatment, and other CoolSculpting providers who visit the Man Cave plan to build a similar room in their facilities.

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