Canyon Ranch:

Another One Of Marcie’s Expert Travel Picks -- Retreat To World-Renowned, Immersive Wellness Resort In 2021

Life changes at Canyon Ranch, a luxury wellness resort in Tucson, Ariz. Specifically, expertly designed programs for the resort are known to prompt waves of health, well-being, purpose, joy and energy. 

"Just envision yourself embracing those positive changes in this New Year and how happy you could be savoring those moments," says Marcie Boyle, owner of RSVP Events & Travel and Travel Leaders Chesterfield.

She says it's an immersive exploration of mind-body wellness in a relaxed setting of casual elegance and unsurpassed personal service. "Plus they recently did $30 million in renovations," she adds. "The property is great for first time spa/wellness travelers because it’s a good value and once your stay is booked, someone works with you to personalize the trip exactly the way you want it."

Since 1979, this award-winning destination has earned a global reputation in healthy living and holistic wellness. The resort's three–, five– and seven-night pathway packages include five to 10 curated services and activities.

As an all-inclusive operation, the following features are available to Canyon Ranch guests:  daily activities, hikes, bikes, yoga, creative arts, exercise classes, chef-prepared delicious nutrition, expansive spa, fitness facilities, indoor-outdoor pools, tennis courts, meditation garden, fitness trainers, nutritionists, spiritual wellness guides, physicians, certified de-burdeners and airport transfers.

The resort's doctors and nurse practitioners can help identify concerns and collaborate with nutritionists and trainers to hone each guest's plan.

"Most people get picked up at the airport by Canyon Ranch and never leave the property until time to go back to the airport," testifies Marcie.

For travel plans to Canyon Ranch, email or 636.778.1081. By booking with Travel Leaders, Marcie says clients can get an additional $100 in resort credit to spend while there, plus a free upgrade when available, as well as early check in and late check out.

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