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Talkin' NFL with Maria Prekeges

Article by Jordan Gray

Photography by Dev Khalsa

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

If you’re a sports fan, chances are good you’ve spotted Maria Prekeges on TV. She’s covered everything from rugby to rodeo for networks like ESPNU. Now, she’s turning her focus to the NFL with a new podcast. Boise Lifestyle got her away from the microphone for a few minutes to talk about the new venture. 

What inspired you to start Beyond the Locker Room with Maria? 

I always wanted to cover football. When the pandemic hit, I found myself out of work. I kept seeing openings for podcasters, and then one popped up I knew I had to get: a football podcaster for Bleav.  It is a podcast, but I also put each episode on my YouTube channel. Find it on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.  

What can listeners expect? 

The first segment is all about what’s going on in the NFL for the week. I enlisted the help of my good friend Trevor Thomas, as he follows the NFL like nobody’s business. We have a ball discussing all things NFL past, present, and future. That section is T-Bone’s Take. Then I move to Beyond the Locker Room. That’s where I interview people on how football has affected their lives, from players (past and present), to coaches, fans, and more.  I end the podcast with Maria’s Minute, where I get to talk about anything I want. I try to end on a positive note each week, as that’s how I try and always live my life: glass half full.  

Any sneak peaks into upcoming guests? 

The guest list is filled with amazing people. I have some big goals, especially in the offseason where more current players and coaches will have more time. Let’s just say you will want to continue to listen, as you never know who might show up.  

What's your most memorable sports story? 

I love the memory of Sunday afternoons growing up. We’d crowd around the TV with my dad and watch football all day. That’s really how I got into the sport, and it was precious time with a father who worked a lot.  

Any Super Bowl predictions? 

Ah, the old prediction game. It’s been such a strange season so far. There are always unexpected upsets, drama, and more. This year especially, there seemed to be frontrunners, but then the league got all turned around, so predicting who will be in Super Bowl LVI? That’s a tough one.  I’ll say who I’d like to see. For the NFC, I’d love to see the Arizona Cardinals, although I think it might be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For the AFC, I’d love to see the Baltimore Ravens. 

Favorite team? 

It’s funny to say, but I really do just love watching the NFL, all teams. But let’s be honest, everyone does have a favorite. Growing up in Spokane, Washington, we always rooted for the Seattle Seahawks, and I continue to do so.  

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