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#28 Marshall Faulk

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Marshall Faulk

From football to financial service: touchdown!

Q: Tell us about Virtuity Financial Partners:

MF: Virtuity helps people know exactly where they are with their finances. Our role is to help with planning: estate, retirement, long term. We want to make sure our clients have everything in place so that they end up where they want to be. In addition we teach financial literacy. Basically how money works.

We offer a Financial needs analysis free of charge to ensure that both the short and long fall plans make sense. We like to show clients how the business can work for them including creating additional income stream; utilizing resources and contacts in order to ensure a productive plan makes sense.

Q: What have you been encountering lately?

MF: Most people don’t know how money works. Or how to leverage money and assets so that finances are diversified.

Q: What is financial literacy and why is it important?

MF: Financial literacy is accounting for your money. I want you to know how much you need to put aside for retirement accounting for inflation. Knowing your rate of return can assist you in your plans. Financial literacy is a basic principle of understanding today’s money and how much it’s earning. We want to teach you how to better understand what saving money looks like and what it can do. For the most part-it’s having people feel comfortable saying what they don’t know and that’s where help starts.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

MF: 4 ½ years/active for last two.

Q: How do you work with clients and what population do you most enjoy working with?

MF: I work with a wide range of clients from all socioeconomic backgrounds. I grew up in underserved community where there was no money. Today I promote growing money so that all of my client’s especially middle and low income families understand how important it is to plan for health and life insurance needs. I encourage clients to become financially literate in order to ensure a better life for themselves and their kids. I hopefully am opening doors that might have previously been closed.

Q: The best thing about the work you do:

MF: Helping people learn/literacy.

Q: What is the value of working with you specifically and Virtuity in general?

MF: Most of the people at my company don’t come from the financial world. We have a wide range of professionals and we understand the value of providing the necessary skills for growth.

Q: What made you want to go into this field?

MF: When I stopped playing football I admitted to myself that I didn’t know as much as I should about how money works and how my own money was working for me.

Q: Future plans:

MF: Right now, my focus is on trying to help as many people as possible to become financially literate.

Q: Football lessons you apply to your new work?

MF: You get knocked down and your team needs your help. Be in a position to help others and know you have a good solid team behind you. Ensure that everyone is on board. “Mission before commission.”

Q: Life motto:

MF: I’m not done yet!

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