Maserati MC20

An Italian-Born Super Sports Car Designed to Push the Boundaries

The Maserati MC20 Super Sports Car combines luxury and racing like no other, pushing the boundaries beyond the expected. The ultra-light, high-tech Carbon Fiber Monocoque is stronger and safer yet dynamically exceptional.

The MC20 offers four driving modes:

  • GT Mode for the open road with fluid shifting and soft suspension.
  • Sport Mode delivers track-ready thrills with a stiffer suspension, fast gear shifting, and on-track traction.
  • Corsa Mode delivers maximum power with exhaust valves open, fastest gear shifting, and reduced traction control; activate Launch Control electronic aid for unparalleled acceleration.
  • Wet Mode lets you stay in control even when the road is slippery by limiting engine boost and activating dynamic controls.

While designed as a sports car, it doesn't sacrifice comfort. The next-gen interface is customizable, with a 10.25" instrument panel and a 10.25" infotainment system. While the interior embraces racing minimalism, every component is of the finest leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber.  

The MC20 doesn't skimp on sound either. Speed and sound should always go hand-in-hand, as with the Italian-made Sonus faber High-Premium Audio System in the MC20. 

Outside, the Maserati MC20 is ergonomic perfection. The butterfly wing doors make stepping into your cockpit easy. It has a rear diffuser and front splitter that make this slice through air. While the MC20 hugs the road, you can push a button to employ the optional suspension lifter, raising the front axle by 2" for those special low-clearance moments.


Nettuno 3.0L V6 patented racing-derived technology


621 HP

Speed & Acceleration

0-60 in <2.9 seconds, max speed 202 mph

For more details, visit Maserati.com

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