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6 Steps on How to Adorn Your Bathroom

Article by Kendall Houlton

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

One of the benefits of giving your living space a delicate touch of feminine charm is the wide range of styles and themes you can adopt. While masculine spaces often are limited in the range of colors and styles that they bring in, feminine rooms embrace everything from the chic bohemian look to the sleek contemporary style. A beautiful neutral backdrop with soft colors allows you to create cottage, coastal and modern themes, while the use of color and floral patterns opens the door to eclectic, Moroccan and boho chic.  Think of your favorite hotel, or a hotel where you hope to stay someday. What accouterments do they utilize to create the ambiance that makes the experience feel luxurious? Try incorporating some of those elements in your bathroom. The fun part about decor is that you can truly allow your personality to shine through in how you choose to adorn your space.

Item One: 

Put your favorite flowers in a vase by the sink. You can even tailor your flower selection to the seasons or by color or theme.  Accessorizing your bath with beloved objects, small luxury rugs, or framed artwork creates an entirely different atmosphere.  These details elevate your space to a perfect ambiance.

Item Two: 

These days’ couples usually prefer two sinks for one simple reason:  we lead busy lives and need access to the bathroom at the same time.  For a streamlined looked, wall-mounted faucets are gorgeous and practical as they create more countertop space.  Plenty of storage below ensures there’s plenty of space for trays of accessories and products on top.

Item Three: 

Candles and candleholders exist for every style and sensibility, so personalize yours with flair. Candles in different colors, shapes, and heights look classy, not random and disorganized, when sitting on a pretty tray that also will contain dripping wax.

Item Four:  

Finding your ideal toiletry line may take some trial and error, but the effort will simplify your life in the long run. Plus, the bottles and jars will look perfect when grouped together in your bathroom. Spas choose one line and stick to it for ease, and because the ingredients and fragrance usually complement one another.

Item Five: 

Not all towels are created equal. And if you have children at home, you may have an overabundance of towels with cartoon characters. Purchase towels that are just for you, but go for a distinctive vibe. Instead of terrycloth, you could go with linen. Instead of pastels, go for muted tones, or a rich jewel tone. Whatever you decide, be sure you’re in love with the design. It should feel special. It is, after all, yours and yours alone.

Item Six:

Stone and bare wood may feel a little masculine or even ominous, but a lighter palette and clean design can feel feminine and uplifting. While you may wish to have a new sink installed, you can also think smaller: driftwood is free. You just need to find an artful piece at the beach or riverbank. You can buy or make a stand or lay the driftwood on the counter.

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