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Southern Highlands Golf Club

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Exploring a Trilogy of Golf Courses

A range of redesigned luxury in the desert

Dr. Peter Shin's name resonates across Las Vegas, not just for his illustrious medical career but also for his venture into the world of golf course ownership. 

At a young age, Dr. Shin was introduced to the game of golf by his father. “We played together every weekend, and then the day the ball actually flew, I was hooked,” he said.

After a successful hospital and nursing home administration career, Dr. Shin moved to Palm Springs thinking that would be his retirement plan, until an opportunity for ownership of a golf course came up in Las Vegas. He put together a team of investors and they acquired the iconic Southern Highlands Golf Club in 2016. 

“For the first two years, we lost money and in the third year, we broke even,” said Dr. Shin. As things were leveling out, the pandemic hit in 2020, and it was almost back to square one. But, as parts of the country bounced back, golfers from California found themselves making their way to Las Vegas to escape restrictions and get back out on the courses. “From February through August of 2022, we had about 60 members from California become members. COVID-19 ended up being a boost to the golf economy,” he said.   

Then, in July of 2022, Dr. Shin, as part of the Spanish Trails Investment Group (STIG) purchased Spanish Trails Country Club with the goal of restoring it to the premier club that it had been. “The bones were good, but it needed a lot of maintenance, and the greens were decent, so I thought I could turn it back into something nice,” said Dr. Shin.

With determination, Dr. Shin set his sights on restoring Spanish Trail Country Club. “If we could get the course moving in the right direction, it would not only enhance the community but also enhance the value of Spanish Trails,” said Dr. Shin. Within a year, he was able to complete a facelift of the course and show the members that he was committed to improving the area, and in a reasonable amount of time. 

“The golf course had to improve, and the clubhouse had to improve, in facilities and in food and service. It was a challenge because we are competing against the Strip for service,” said Dr. Shin. After undergoing a tremendous number of personnel changes, he boasts that he is fulfilling his mission of hiring high-quality employees and has around 125 employees at each course. 

Having demonstrated that under his leadership the two courses were elevated, Dr. Shin took over SouthShore Country Club. Located at the scenic Lake Las Vegas, SouthShore Country Club, allows golfers to enjoy a challenging round of golf against a beautiful backdrop, which is just one of the draws. 

Dr. Shin knows that each property bears a distinct imprint, and he focuses on maximizing the natural beauty of each golf course and maintaining a high level of standard. He also believes in a commitment to the community. The recent inaugural Shin Invitational recently hosted more than 90 players with three beneficiaries: Historic Golf Trust, Opportunity Village, and the Southern Nevada Jr. Golf Association.

Dr. Shin's trilogy of golf courses offers a diverse range of experiences for players of all skill levels and social desires. Membership with one club gives you access across all three properties, creating a unique experience for sport and camaraderie that intertwines work and leisure for exploring premier golf in the desert.

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