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Rondo Pools' Specialists Guide Clients Through Design, Construction, Customer Care

Article by Julie Brown Patton

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Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Gone are the days of homeowners having to install a standard swimming pool with conventional features. Today's pool possibilities are filled with vast creative options to fulfill Nashville-inspired dreams, assures Dana Rondeau, co-owner and design specialist for Rondo Pools.

"While designing pools, spas and water features, we actually lead with style considerations," explains Dana. 

"Style is the basis of it all, really, especially when the goal is to recreate, or to extend, the style of a home from the interior to the exterior. We want it all to match with how clients are living their lives. For example, is it a home of entertaining or one with a lot of activity for children or grandchildren? Answers to those questions help determine the size, and whether someone is best served with a cocktail pool or plunge pool, for instance."

Dana says water-related executions and features have come a long way, and that the Rondo design build team can help plan fun, functional pools that also don't jeopardize aesthetics. "We look at it as the fact that we're building future memories for clients, and we want them to love and treasure these lifelong additions to their personal paradises."

She says Rondo also delivers the most energy efficient, lowest maintenance, easiest to own pools in the industry, by using state-of-the-art technology and advanced hydraulic designs.

How Dana likes to create style through pools begins with researching the architecture of each clients' home, combined with maximizing the real estate space available for installing pools or spas while working within property setbacks or homeowner association policies. She says she then applies her years of experience to outline initial thoughts, while clients often gather pictures of examples that they like. "Then we discuss, imagine the wow factors, and how to accessorize the type of pool in mind."

Rondo clients also receive a detailed and scaled 3D perspective for highly accurate imagery of a project.

"Homeowners with small spaces should not give up. We can create very nice, intimate pools by tackling space factors in innovative, original ways," she adds. 

One of Dana's favorite projects was transforming the "blank canvas" grounds and vibes of a 1994 ranch house in Williamson County into a resort style of living space. "The house was newly renovated and sits on 3 acres. By creating a pool, pool house, recreation room and firepits, we produced a private, luxury oasis that now matches the homeowners' current, contemporary lifestyle," she says. 

Dana achieved this new, modern look by using black elements and materials as a common denominator and connector, such as installing black iron doors on the house, black trim for windows and doors, black water feature bowls around the pool, and a raised black spa of SapienStone. "We worked diligently with the details, such as tiles, color selections, hardscapes and water features to create an overall organic, but very clean and sleek look," she says. 

She continued the decorating theme by establishing string lights in the right places, and by adding black accent pillows, tables, planter pots and other accent pieces. "We worked in neutrals and balanced the tone-on-tone look," she says. 

Doing interesting things with timeless rectangular pools to provide pristine, classic outcomes is also possible, reminds Dana. "As fashion designer Jil Sander stated: 'I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity.'"

In pool terminology, homeowners choose to pursue one of two pool design styles: geometric or organic. Tanning ledges, corresponding spa spaces, as well as water and fire functions, also can play important roles in today's pools. 

Dana says she appreciates working with various people's preferences because it's important to "stick with being your true self." After all, Rondo has been family owned and operated since 1983, so they value commitment to originality, integrity, boldness and quality.

Regarding the images showcased in this feature:
Design:  Dana Rondeau
Pool Contractor:  Rondo Pools
Landscape Architect:  Addison Group
Landscaping:  Southern Creations
Turf:  Goat Turf


"Creating style through pool selections can be such a satisfying achievement, no matter if modern, traditional or transitional results are desired," says Dana Rondeau, Rondo Pools 

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