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Mobile Detailing Home or Office

Matthew's Mobile Auto Detailing, anywhere any day.

When one door closes, another door opens—the hard part is summoning the courage to start down a new path. Matthew’s career as a mechanic with Ratheon Aerospace Company was cut short not long after the tragic events of 9/11 when he was laid off due to a major downturn in the industry.

As a parent, Matthew knew he had to forge a new road ahead for his family. Matthew is a loving, devoted father to three children—two girls and a boy.

Thanks to the encouragement and guidance of his best friend, Jessie Serrano, Matthew decided to start his own mobile detailing business—and plans for Matthew’s Mobile Auto Detailing began to take shape.

Matthew looked up to Jessie, who worked as a mobile detailer by day and bartender at an upscale restaurant by night. Like Matthew, Jessie was a self-made man with a strong work ethic. Jessie taught Matthew everything he knows about the mobile auto detailing business, and Matthew caught on quickly.

Matthew was surprised with how much he really enjoyed his newfound skillset and was eager to begin his business.

To help Matthew’s Mobile Auto Detailing get off the ground, Jessie lent him his business truck on his two “off days” per week. Matthew used this opportunity to build up his business’s client base. On the remaining days of the week, Matthew worked for Jessie to hone his skills and earn a living.

After a few months, Matthew was ready to give it a go alone. He bought a truck and worked tirelessly to bring his business to where it is today.

Twenty years later, Matthew’s Mobile Auto Detailing is a hit in the Orange County community. Repeat clients call on Matthew’s services time and again for his ability to restore and preserve their vehicles’ appearance—and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

His secret to success? “We work hard to rejuvenate your car to its original, brand-new look,” he says. Options range from single vehicles to groups of five or more, the perfect detailing solution for businesses and families.

Customers across Orange County can choose from options like the basic package, which includes an exterior wash, windows, tire dressing, rims, vacuum, and a wipe down of your car’s interior, or exterior/full detail packages to meet and exceed your expectations.

Matthew’s customer reviews include consistent words of high praise. “Matthew's Mobile Auto Detailing is the best auto detailing I've ever experienced. I've tried different services, from car washes to mobile ones, and not one comes close. He explains the custom service he will be doing on your car. My car is rejuvenated! It looks brand new! You can't go wrong,” says one pleased patron.

There’s no vehicle too big or too small for Matthew’s Mobile Auto Detailing to handle—they’ve delivered flawless results across a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and more.

Matthew’s success is a true testament to not only what kind of driven businessman he is, but also to the type of father he is to his children—one who will gladly give everything he has in order to provide for his beloved family.

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