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Max Padula, Owner, Destination Happiness

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Max "Robbie Maxx" Padula

Destination Happiness: A Journey of Positivity

Max Padula has learned that there’s a lot of value in having aspirations based on one’s own interests and talents.

Max grew up in Westwood and was an accomplished athlete. Music was another passion, and he eventually left college to pursue a career as a rap artist. “I started rapping and got great feedback,” he says. He met Mr. Wonder (a music producer) and rap artist, Wyclef Jean who presented an opportunity for Max to explore a career in music. “I was able to watch major artists in his studio, develop my sound, and gain an understanding of the business,” says Max. Eventually, I performed with Machine Gun Kelly, Waka Flocka, Wyclef Jean, and Fetty Wap. I did my own local shows as well.

Several years ago, Max took a step back from the spotlight to do more “behind the scenes” work like talent development and songwriting. He is now managing DJ Lil Bruh (also from Westwood) and developing his brand, Destination Happiness. “It started as a clothing company, but it branches out into management and consulting in the music industry,” says Max. “I created a logo and clothing and saw some success with local sales. People were interested in what I was doing and the brand helped to spread the word. DJ Lil Bruh and I worked together to get our line on DJ Mustard, Yvng Swag, Detroit Pistons forward Hamidou Diallo, and pro boxer Julian Rodriguez.

Eventually, Westwood native Nate Ouellette reached out to Max and signed with his company as well. “He’s a very talented pop singer and songwriter,” says Max, “like a young Justin Bieber.”

Destination Happiness takes on a new dimension as a music and fashion brand because it represents the culmination of Max’s passions and talents. “I take the things I’m good at and work in a positive way to use them to reach our demographic,” he says. “We want to make this a well-known brand by creating a viable company that brings a positive impact in every aspect of life.”

“Whether your love is sports, fashion, or music, you need a focus,” says Max. “That’s lost today with many kids. I’ve done anti-bullying tours, youth programs, announced games, and coached. When I talk to kids, I tell them that each person has something very special inside them. Don’t allow someone else to take it away from you. Be honest and truthful to yourself, and don’t waste time chasing the wrong things like money and drugs. Life is bigger than that.”

“We all have trials and tribulations. Life can be tough, but you have to find the silver lining in it all. Your work ethic and attitude can bring it all full circle. If I can inspire anyone in any genre or industry to find happiness and see the bright side of things, and find confidence within themselves—that’s everything to me!”


  • Max Padula, Owner, Destination Happiness
  • Max Padula, Owner, Destination Happiness