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May the Spirit Move You

Let’s face it. If you live in Colorado, you are continuously seeking adventure and experience. There are wild animals gracing the land, bodies of water rocking fish and boats, grandiose mountains begging to be played on, and fresh, pungent air attracting hikers and bikers and yogis and thrill seekers. What’s more is that no single experience can be duplicated; you can raft three times in one summer and each ride will provide you with new adrenaline and memories. 

This is where AVA comes in: for over twenty years, AVA Rafting and Zipline has served as the funnel between what could be and what is. Horseback riding, rafting, ziplining, fly fishing, off-roading, rock climbing, and more! Whether you are a novice adventurer or living in the danger zone and continuing to push boundaries, AVA is for you.

Personalized adventures are AVA’s specialties, yet the humans organizing around these unforgettable experiences understand the gift of Mother Nature is what is truly precious and therefore must be preserved. Tiera Zelenoy, Marketing Director and lover of AVA, explains it like this:

“We want to continue to be a leader in the outdoor adventure guide industry. We strive to make the outdoors accessible, and we love to show people our wonderful backyard. It is important that our guests learn about the environment and how to respect it. We want to preserve what we see today so generations to come can enjoy it, too.”

If you’re someone who drowns in too many options and needs a few friendly nudges to take action, here are a couple of recommendations:

The Browns Canyon Rafting Trip. 

It’s a must-do. You get to raft through a beautiful National Monument with views of the collegiate peaks. There are both full day and half day options on this part of the river. 

The Mountaintop Zipline.

It’s fast and breathtaking in all the right ways. You get to zip through plentiful trees, all while observing aerial views of the river. 

To sweeten the appeal, AVA Rafting and Zipline is staffed with only the best. They’ve been recognized year after year and are committed to upholding the trust they’ve earned and the quality they’ve consistently delivered.

May the spirit move you, fellow Coloradans.


116 Huron Road, Breckenridge, 80424