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Marty Byrd

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Me, You, and Marty Byrd Too

Get to Know Kate and Ryan England of J.R. England

“I wear many hats,” says Kate England, owner, along with her husband Ryan, of J.R. England, a  local business specializing in high-quality gutter guards and gutter systems. Kate continues, “J.R. England is run by only my husband and myself (J.R. stands for Joel Ryan, Ryan’s full name).” On any given day, Kate is busy answering calls, doing estimates, ordering materials, and scheduling, while Ryan and his small team are in the field, completing jobs. “My husband is more introverted than me,” laughs Kate, “so mostly I am the who the customers remember. I always try to do a follow-up call when jobs are done and make sure the customers are happy.”

Happy customers are a priority for Kate. “I let customers know they can reach me by phone call, text, or email if they have any concerns. We take service calls very seriously.” To ensure timely, quality work, Kate ensures that Ryan’s focus can be on the job site. “We never subcontract jobs out,” says Kate. “We figure no one can do a better job than the owner himself. It’s our reputation on the line—our name is literally on the company.”

At home, Kate and Ryan spend time with their three boys at their home in Clarkston. Their oldest son, Michael, has started going on jobs with his dad to begin to learn the trade. The younger boys, Damian and Hunter, tag along with mom to do estimates from time to time. “Hunter asks lots of questions on how I calculate the price!” says Kate. Rounding out the family are a menagerie of pets—dogs, cats, a bearded dragon, and mascot Marty Byrd, a dove rescued from a gutter being torn down.

Kate and Ryan offer gutter guards including GutterGlove, GutterGlove Pro, and Leaf Blaster Pro. “GutterGlove Pro is our most premium option,” says Kate. Both GutterGlove products offer a 40-year warranty and are made of stainless steel with a 30-micron mesh screen. The guards feature a raised pattern to allow better airflow and to lift leaves and debris away. A high-quality gutter guard system can save a lot of work, time, and money, as failure to maintain gutters can cause leaks, fascia rot, and damage to the house.

Kate adds that J.R. England performs either a tune up and cleaning for existing gutters or installs new ones before adding the gutter guards, and that she and Ryan stand behind the work they do. “We really care about our business and our customers.” To schedule a free estimate, visit

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