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Measures of Success in Real Estate

Fazendin Realtors' commitment to clients and community since 1965

Being successful in the real estate industry can look different depending on who you’re talking to. For Roger Andy Fazendin, owner and president of Fazendin Realtors, success is threefold: preparing his agents for the year to come, educating clients on what to expect, and giving back to the community that has supported Fazendin are all measures of success. And with spring right around the corner, Andy is preparing for what he anticipates will be another fast-paced and exciting real estate market.

To help his agents prepare for the spring market and the rest of the year, Fazendin Realtors hosted a kickoff event on Jan. 17. The event was important to gather and officially start the year by bringing people back to the office and back to work, Andy shares.

“The purpose is to gather us all and continue to drive home that [supportive] culture. But also, I try to make the kickoff inspirational and have people walk away with tools they can use in their everyday business.”

Andy said it was also important to the agents that the event be as equally entertaining as it is knowledgeable. As a result, the event has hosted speakers from all different industries and styles, from improvisational comedians and Seattle fish market employees to inspirational speakers and business leaders.

In addition to the entertainment, this annual event ensures the agents are prepared to support both sellers and buyers. Andy foresees a lot of sales this spring as mortgage rates come down and prices increase. Events like these help equip the agents with the tools to accurately price a home, educate a seller and buyer, and properly market their listings.

“Listing a home and selling it is the bread and butter for real estate agents, so we are very focused on that process, and I think that is what leads to our success. And it starts with the agent being very clear as far as explaining the process to our sellers,” Andy says.

In 2023, Fazendin outperformed the general 2023 market, seeing a 7% increase in transactions compared to the general market’s 20% decrease. And their average number of days on the market was 29 compared to the general market’s average of 40 days. 

Fazendin’s success can be attributed to their diligence in preparing clients for what to expect within the real estate market. Andy explains the market has changed dramatically over the last decade, so even experienced buyers or sellers may not know what to expect.

So, if you’re contemplating whether now is the right time to buy or sell a home, the best option is to connect with a real estate agent who will explain the entire process to you.

For sellers, in addition to telling you what to expect in terms of the market, Fazendin Realtors will help connect you with a designer to get a staging consultation. The designers will recommend effective cosmetic updates such as inexpensive light fixtures or a fresh coat of paint — the kind of things you’ll make more money on when you sell than you’ll invest in doing it.

On the flip side, if you’re looking to buy a home, Fazendin Realtors will again, help you understand the process, get a feel for what is available, and join you at open houses.

According to Andy, the homes that are listed at the right price, are marketed correctly, and are in good condition will sell quickly and receive multiple offers, pressuring buyers to make quick and crucial decisions. Being knowledgeable about what is available and important to you will help you make a quick decision when the time comes.

In addition to helping buyers and sellers achieve their homeownership goals, Fazendin and its agents are giving back to the community through the Fazendin Realtors Foundation. 

Established in 2019, the Foundation will financially support organizations dedicated to providing safe housing in the Twin Cities area, including domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and LGBTQIA+ safe housing.

Any organization in the Twin Cities area whose mission aligns with the Fazendin Realtors Foundation is welcome to apply for a grant. The grants, funded almost entirely by the generosity of the real estate agents at Fazendin Realtors, are expected to be awarded in July 2024. 

“When we had to come up with our mission, we really didn’t want to narrow down the focus, so what we came up with was housing. I mean, it’s what we do, it’s what we’re experts at. And so we figured that would be the best recipients for what we do,” Andy says.

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