Meditate on This

Bringing attention to intentions

Who wouldn’t want the ability to wipe away stress and gain focus? How about cultivating gratitude and changing your perspective? Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness and with practice changes your mind. Research supports there are benefits to meditation, including a sense of calm, peace, and balance which can be valuable to both your emotional well-being and your overall health. 

We spoke with Dr. Gunjan Kant who has been practicing a specific type of meditation for over 25 years. She is a volunteer and leads Sahaja Yoga Meditation and believes it is a practice that can empower every human being to live life to their full potential. Rooted in ancient spiritual knowledge, the technique teaches you how to identify your positive strengths and use them to overcome your negatives. We are complex beings with love, compassion, anger, jealousy, generosity, greed, creativity, and a lot more. The positives in you are a result of healthy balanced chakras and the negatives are a result of imbalances in these chakras. You have the power to accentuate the positives and abate the negatives. 

Dr. Kant shared 3 simple affirmations that can be done in only five minutes. You do the affirmations with your hand and you affirm the qualities of the energy centers that are within you. 

1. Express the desire. Place your right hand on your heart and express the desire to meditate.

2. Forgive and let go. Take your right hand on your forehead to forgive and let go.

3. Feel connected. Take your right hand to the top of your head and feel the connection. 

Quieting a busy mind takes practice. It is only with consistent, intentional action over time that one will achieve real change. Dr. Kant encourages everyone to approach each day with intention and clarity. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is available to everyone because it has always been free of charge. It’s run solely by volunteers and donations. To join a class visit: www.texasmeditation.org

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