Meet Andrew Hoopii

Marine Corps Recruiter Staff Sergeant Andrew K. Hoopii

I was raised in a small town in eastern North Carolina.  My childhood was much like anyone else’s:  I went to school, made friends, played sports, and tried to stay out of trouble. The only difference was that upon graduation I wanted to belong to something.  

As graduation grew nearer, my time on the wrestling team came to an end.   With that, the sense of being part of a team and something larger than myself really resonated with me. When I received my diploma, I decided to take the next step to join my next team.

I talked to my local Marine Corps Recruiter and expressed what I wanted in my life.  I envisioned being part of a team again as well as traveling the world.  After one visit with my Recruiter, I was well informed on how the Marine Corps could provide me what I was looking for.  Soon after I enlisted, I found my way to Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.  

From that moment on I became part of something I had never expected.  The Marine Corps was the team that I was looking to be a part of.  I traveled around the world to multiple countries where I was able to experience the local peoples and their cultures.  My stories soon changed from my time in high school to my time in the Marine Corps.   

As the Marine Corps Recruiter for Bozeman, Montana I am looking for like-minded individuals that want to be part of something much larger than themselves. If you are a person that seeks a challenge, direction, educational benefits, and financial security then I implore you to reach out and have a conversation with your local Marine Corps Recruiter.   

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